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Created By: PYRO

Last Updated: Saturday, March 29th

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=== Note: There is music to this webpage so if you want to hear it,  wait about 30 seconds while it loads. Thank you 

=== Note: I also have a new Boss FAQ out so if you wanna look at a more detailed "Bosses" with more explanatory strategies on beating the bosses in LTTP then be sure to check this out! BOSS FAQ. I will also have new FAQs that will be appearing on this website which I am also trying to get on so keep a sharp eye out for those if you are a Zelda fan.

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1.0.0 ~  PYRO's LTTP website is now up and running! Whew, I'm done everything exept the walkthrough. That won't be done for a while though. I also haven't finished putting in the strategies for beating the Dark World bosses in my Bosses section. I will get it finished though and update my website. PYRO (14/3/3)

1.0.1 ~  I've made a cool new header with the title and everything which shows that it was made by me. I have also finished off my Bosses section which now have every boss in a LTTP. I have also extended my FAQ a bit with some more question. Please if you have any questions for my FAQ, don't be shy to send them right here. I will post them with your name and everything and I will put your name in the credits section if I like your question. PYRO (16/3/3)

1.0.2 ~  *****UNDER CONSTRUCTION*****

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If you need to reach me about anything like suggestions, complaints or compliments about my site, do not hesistate to E-Mail "PYRO" at:

I will listen to all your concerns about my site. If I have missed anything in the walkthrough etc. then go ahead and e-mail me back telling me. If you ask me a question about the game that is in my walkthrough or somewhere else in my website, I will direct you to the place where your information is found. 

Message from PYRO

So far, I'm done everything except my walkthrough which I will complete in the months to come so keep tuning in to this site. I am also expanding my FAQ like I told you in my Versions section so keep sending in your questions and I'll keep on posting them. PYRO (16/03/03)


I'd like to thank Mana Knight, because most of the pictures on this site come from of his own at: 


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