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 What is the difference between the Internet and the Web?


When did the Internet start?

What is the difference between the Internet and the Web?

 Internet is a world wide connection of more than 72 million computers that used the internet protocol (ip) to communicate. And web is software that enables you to use your computer to surf the web and download texts sound and movies to your computer.


When did the Internet start?

 When the advanced research project agency (ARPA) of the us department of defense began a network celled ARPANET in 1969

When did the Web Site?  What was the motivating factor?

The web site started in  1995, and the motivating was to shore document on computers so that researcher will not have to worry that keeping track of the papers they have the information on.



 Why does one want to put graphics on a page?


Why does one you want to limit the graphics on a page? 




Why does one want to put graphics on a page?

To give the page colorful images and  for it to be enjoyable for people to look at.




 One wants to limit the graphics on a page so that it will not take the focus on what they are trying to say to the view.

What is the difference between a GIF and JPG (when is the correct time to use each etc.)

GIF is a graphics interchange format which contains a table defining the deferent pixel pattern found the image, with pointers into the table table indicating where the patterns go onscreen. And the JPG is compresses the image by dividing it into tiny cubs and averaging the color values with in the cubs. GIF is used when the decompressed image you see on screen is exactly the same as the one that was compressed into the GIF file and the JPG is used when lossey compression algorithm to reduce the amount of space it would it would otherwise require to store so many colors.

What are ways to "speed up" graphic load time? You can load time by copying the text onto your computer clipboard from which you can past the text into any window on your screen.



 What are 5 things to consider when a web page loads slowl



How can you change each for to improve access time?


If There are too many programs open on the computer.

There is a virus.

There are to many programs on the desktop

The program you are downloading is slow and the computer speed is slow.



How can you change each for to improve access time?

 By closing some of the programs that are open on the compute. And also by deleting some of the programs you donít use.



 why is the subject of an email so important?


Explain BCC.  Why/when should BCC be used? (versus cc or To)

 What are the advantages (5 or more) of email over other method of communications (Internet and non-Internet

Subject is important because it tells you what the e-mail is about.





  BCC is when you send a message to more then one address using the cc.

Cc is like an e-mailís types written counterpart, the letter.

To Ėis where you put the address of the person you are sending the e-mail to.


 1. You can send message to your family in other country.

2. You can send ideas to companies.

3. You can exchange ideas with different people from different culture.

4. You can go to college on the net while you are home.

5. You can shop on the net.

What are some of the disadvantages? (3 or more) compared to what non-Internet method? 1. Your identity can be stole ling.

2. You can get to know some one on the net but it can be lie.

3. People can put false information on the net.



On the following questions, answer based on what you read in the named papers.  Only AFTER you have shown you have read the paper is EXTRA credit for additional thought on the topic.

s discussed in Cecilia's paper: What is one or more of the "pro"'s of finding a 'soul mate online?  According to Cecelia, what is more or more "con" to this new method of meeting people?

 The pro of finding a soul mate online is that user can narrow their search to specifics interests. And the con is there is no way to know if the profile is the real one.


 As discussed in Mottsís paper: What industry benefit from online retail?  What industry looses

 The industry who benefit from online retail is the e-commerce and the industry that looses is the gasoline.



As discussed in Regina's paper: What two or more new or increased danger did the Internet introduce?


 As discussed in Kim's paper: What is Webex? Why did the Internet enable an increase in the number of telecommuters?

 Webex is a product that sales people used as well as other department in corporation. The internet enable an increase in numbers of telecommuters because it better serve the clients and it help get most of the work done and it profits the companies and commissions for sales person.


 As discussed in Bruno's paper: What advantage did the Internet give consumers of music?  What disadvantage did he point out?  

  The internet gives consumers the chose to buy their favorite music online, without driving to the store and waiting in line to buy it. The disadvantage is that several programs have been created allowing people to trade and download music fills. And a lot of music store and records companies have gone bankrupt  and employees have been loosing their job due to the fact that music store are no longer being able to make profit because of the decline on CDs sales.



 As discussed in Kantu's paper: How is online news different from traditional papers? Name 3 ways or more.

 Online news differs from the tradition papers because with online you can just check your e-mail and you can get different news from different countries. And you donít have to pay for it, but with the traditional papers you have to go the shore and purchased it. Magazines,   Register, inquirer, and the new York Times.


  As discussed in Yelitza's paper: Who is Don Black?  What is the relationship between the Internet and hat sites?  

  Don Black is a Ku Klux Klan leader. The relationship between the internet and the hate sites is that the reflect our society and hate is part of the bad things that our society has for many years.



 As discussed in Carol's paper:  How did the Internet change the buyer/dealer relationship?  

  The internet has change the buyer and dealerís relationship by making it easier for cars buyers to get a great deal on cars of their own choices with out feeling cheated.



 As discussed in Anne's paper:  What 2 or more advantages does the Internet give job seekers?  What advantage(s) does it give employers?

 The 2 advantage that the internet gives the job seeker 1. The opportunity to search through a lot of jobs with out leaving their house.

2. Obtain valuable information about the company and about available jobs within the company in all areas in the country. The advantages for employers are them the automatic acknowledgement response with reference numbers in the event the jobseeker wishes to make inquiries relating to his application. The 2 advantages for job seekers are 1. Can explore over hundred jobs possibilities within one hour.

2. It allows the job seekers to tailor resumes and cover letters to match available jobs at no or very little cost.


 As discussed in Sonya's paper:  What are advantages Sonya sees for shopping online? What is a disadvantage?

 The advantages  online shopping that  Sonya wrote are 1.saves time bigger discount to consumers, which saves money

3. The joy of the receiving the package.

 The disadvantages are1. The issue of security.

2. You can not touch the items before buying it.






As discussed in Duckenson's paper:  What 3 or more types of information did Duckenson list as Internet being a good source for? What problem did he point out? The 3 information that Duckenson listed as internet being a good source are 1. Access information for student.

2. getting ideas and leaning different culture

3. communicate with other nationalities

4. Help business to gather information.

The problem that Duckenson pointed out was the fact that some people use it for criminal act.