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Soon to be made is the howto on ninjas in FFXI and any other useful facts I come across, stay tuned! its a work in progress! (In case you are wondering why I made this page when there are dozens of guidees out there. Well its because about a week or so after I did this quest and others and posted my findinbgs on under the "Sahagins Stash" quest, (which at that time had no name due to lack of info) My post on utsusemi quest was COPIED into the quest description followed soon after by the DELETION of my post, which contained a good deal of information, an exact copy of that post, with minor format changes to make it more readable, is what you are looking at on this page. And so I will no longer contribute to thier information, no matter how wrong (or stolen) it may be.) Below is a start on some ninjitsu quests

****Notes on Fame and how I got it****

I did Yagudo Necklace quest ~15 times. Zinc Ore ~25 times and became a member of tenshodo ring. I did necklaces by emptying my inventory as much as possible and farming in giddeus till I had a multiple of 4 necklaces, come back and trade them in and repeat. For the zinc ore, id just wait until I had 15K+gil from whatever source. Ride a bird to bastok and buy ore off the AH till it got more than 350gil a piece and just kept turning it in. I didnt really keep track but I just did it till I felt it was enough then went to norg. After finishing all these scrolls quest, went to Jueno and did gobbie Bag#1, delkfutt Tower map quest and started the RSE quest(not finished). Oh and for me riceballs are 138gil in Neptune's Spire currently. Yes I know thats overkill but at the time it was hard for me to get to norg safely/consistently

Quest Starters

Laisreen starts Utsusemi:Ichi quest, he is found behind the 2 guild people in the first main room in Norg
Keal starts Tonko:Ichi he is walking around between the lady luck guy and the guy leaning next to a big post selling scrolls.
Washu starts Hojo:Ichi she is located in the first room on the left up the stairs (like your heading to the SAM quest guy).
Shivivi starts the quest for the Jubaku:Ichi scroll and she is located just outside the room where Washu is.

****Note: I would recommend setting hp in norg so you can warp back when you've completed each quest****

*****Easy way to get to treasure room for Utsusemi:Ichi w/o a map*****

Enter the Sea Serpent Grotto from Yhutanga Jungle. and go left, and STAY to the left, you will soon see an ornamented door. That means your going the right way. Take a LEFT when you get to the door(you cant go in it so dont worry about that). After you pass the ornamented door you will be traveling on a downward sloping path, at the bottom of the path stay to your left. You will then come to a big open room with lots of water puddles on the ground and a bunch of Sahagins, stay to your right a bit and you will come to a door. Which, when targeted will have no name, just examine it about 5-6 times until it says something like "You see silver shavings near the indent on this wall" Trade your silver beastcoin to it and the door will open.

You will be greeted by some pugils when you open the door. Take the right walkway(only way to go) and you will go up a steep incline, continue on through the next few areas staying as straight as possible WITHOUT falling off any edges. Soon there will be a drop off on your right, walk off it then keep going straight. There will be another drop on your left, DONT fall off there or you will be at the back area of the open room with the puddles as I mentioned before and will have to go back through the beastcoin door! You will now come to yet another stone door, open it and you will find yourself in the main trasure chamber, there is a sea monz in there that agros to sound (like everything else in here) the ??? is the second set of chests on the left. Clicking it will trigger a cutscene where you will recieve the key item and find out that liesreen is a wuss for sending you to get it.

Note on the grotto mobs: I went back in there last night to do some chest hunting(So I could have my map) All mobs on the norg side of the beastcoin doors are weak Easy prey, with a few strong EP(oozes). The mobs PAST the silver beastcoin door con EP to weak/strong DC at my current lvl of 50nin. So be careful!(side note, I got agroed by a DC sahagin last night when I opened the chest, if I wasnt a ninja I proly would not have been able to kill it, and I didnt even need to heal myself, which surprised me greatly.) Oh and for you chest hunters, 90% of the treasure chests spawn behind the silver beastcoin door, the other 10% are in the back room of the big area just before the door. And keep in mind oyu lose sneak/invis to open chests ;)

*****Easy way to get to storage room for Tonko:Ichi quest w/o a map*****

For the Tonk:Ichi quest enter the Sea Serpent Grotto FROM Norg and stay to the RIGHT after going back through that stone door. You will se lots of ghasts and some oozes if you are going the right way. You will go through two more doors while staying to the right. After the third door (including first one mentioned) you'll be in an open room that looks like a storage room, on the right side on the floor there is a "???". Just check it to get the Key Item. If you want you can rest here since you are far enough from anything that agroes. Though there isnt much to see there.

*****Easy way to find ??? point in jungle for Hojo:Ichi quest WITH a map*****

For Hojo:Ichi I just grabbed a scroll of instant warp before going to kazham. Correction, long overdue update, sorry but the ??? in the jungle IS random spawn. Just tab through targets till you find a ??? and get offbird, check it and warp, done. (note: it has come to my attention that this point is truely random and its spawn time is HORRIBLE, so just have patience when trying to find it

*****Other quests I was able to start in Norg*****

There is the shining subligar and shining leggings quests. Cant remember what subligar gives (havent finished) but shinning leggins was Dokumori:Ichi(sp). These were given by the two NPCs that stand above the guild shop. The other quest gives a key item for the leviathin summon quest. Given by the taru standing next to Lady Luck guy.

****Note: The recommend sneak oil quantity is for a ONE-WAY trip. I used mijin gakure and warp scrolls to get back to norg. IMO much cheaper that way****

I did actually use 14 pots of oil doing these quests lol, but that was spent figuring out what the labels really were on the japanese map I had. but for Tonko:Ichi 2 sneak oils should be enough and for Utsusemi:Ichi id recommend 3 oils.

*****Bit of Info on Utsusemi:Ichi*****

Ok after more experience and such Its time to update and say exactly what this ability does. It is a 4 seconds cast time, with recast time of 30 seconds, it is NOT like the WHM spell blink at all. it will consistently absorb the next 3 non AoE spells casted on you. It can absorb any other normal non AoE attacks. As far as non-spell AoEs it will NOT absorb the attack, but you will keep your shadows, where-as an AoE spell instantly removes all remaining shadows (one downfall of nin tanking >.<) Utsusemi Ni works the same way, but gives you 4 shadows, takes 1.5 seconds to cast and 45 seconds for recast. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding that existed before and sorry it took so long for me to update the site.p>

Well I hope this helps everyone out! And if im online I dont mind answering questions and such. Have fun! (I'm on Shiva, and I'm sorry but I do not escort people on the quests. I may take you to norg if Im nearby but dont ask me to do the quest for you) =^.^= PS- if you find this useful please rate my post =^.^= *edit* added info about the ability itself *edit2* added bit of color to make it moreorganized looking, easier to read, etc. *edit 3* see below *edit 4* fixed some errors


For Hojo:Ichi quest

I have actually reconfirmed that the spawn point for the ??? is NOT random. It is Yhaotor Jungle(the second area) at g-6 If you head left after leaving kazham on your bird, drop down a hole and zone into the jungle, go a little ways until you come to a T intersection take a Left and the tree will be almost right there. Its on a corner and usually has a gob smithy standing next to it. Edit some more

Fixed NPC names. and it seems that even less fame is needed to get quests. I personally never checked since it was expensive to goto norg or jeuno every few quests to check ^^. But needless to say you still get fame the more you do so in the end it doesnt really hurt. Thank you brone for the corrections. And Ive walked through ghasts with sneak on and they havent hit me, guess I just got lucky. but good thing to keep in mind is be sure you look before youe leap ^_~

Edit even more

Corrected zone names and tried to clear up the directions a bit more as well as corrected information about the ability itself.

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