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Welcome To L0n3r's Gaming Site
Thanks for Viewing my Site...Even though its crappy, cuase i suck with web-sites..but anyway, i hope you come back :P *PLEASE SIGN GUEST BOOK--*PLEASE*-THANKS!*
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get this gear! *PLEASE CHECK THE LINKS BELOW FOR MY SITE'S SECOND PAGE* *ALSO CHECK OUT THE OTHER SITES PLEASE*<------Click Here to view my 2nd Page..may be under construction<-----(This site is more fun for kids at the age of 7-12 maybe) <-------(If your into emulations and Roms, this site is the place you need to go)<-------(i guess ill put this link up...I dont play Ultima Online anymore...but uo Gateway is a place where you can play on shards for free...or make one if you want. so use gateway if you dont want to pay $10.00 a month lol.)<-----(This site is involved with many popular MMORPGS-in other words-online rpg)

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