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For Chocobo Knights and Taru Tarus only!

October 16 2003
I have no layout ready yet so this place will be a mess until I get a little to know dreamweaver, sticking with webexpert 5 for now. As soon as possible I'll switch to this layout I did (Just have to change a couple of things, since I did it for another website I wanted to have.) So here's the link to see that layout in jpeg format, probably won't be all like that..BG will be different and all...whatever, nuff talking about that.

Yeah so don't mind the french and don't worry about it... I'm gonna make thumbnails in a table for you to see the pictures I have taken in-game later...really soon.
I must mention, I sent my BETA kit and I felt awkward, sad almost, it was over for now until march unless I get load of money out of nowhere. Some of the people I got to know, I will never see again, chances are they won't be on the same server as me and the Chocobo knights.

So here are quick draft of maybe a future logo and a BG pattern (not got any idea yet).

October 22 2003
So here comes the screenshots. Just click on them to see a bigger version of 'em..

Me on my way the first time to Windurst, I believe I was lvl 8:

A good shot of me in Windurst, near all the boat shops and the naughty view of a mithra's behind:

Me...Dead....Nuff said:

Boat rides, view from a small Taru (Who? me idiot), and some pirates pics, guess i erased them, oh and if you pay attention, on the second one, I'm floating:

Me..LVL UP...LVL 10 I think:

On this one I taught to Mr Goblin Fisher how not to fish anymore:

My first Real trip through Tahrongi Canyon, with load of people, this is also how I got to know Grandlethal:

Had to take pics of classic Final Fantasy stuff, Chocobos, Cid and a Bomb (Grenade in this case):

The day before everyone jumped on the Giant Toad, a few number of us were "trying" to fight it, here's me running away from it, getting all the attention...Wouldn't have happened the next day, where I couldn't even see it for the last 25% because of all the people that just came to see it die.

Me getting raised for the first time (In Tahrongi) Thanks again Icemage for all your help through BETA:

One of my first time seeing Carbuncle in action, and Beowulf the lucky Taru who got married to Berry in the last days of BETA is in the shot:

A closer look at my face, I used photoshop to edit a bit (light and removed the names appearing):

That's it for now.. I'll upload the rest of the shots (wich are far more recents, like when we went to Bahamut domain the last sunday of BETA, and the final event of BETA) later, like in a couple of days when I'll feel like it.

October 28 2003

Okay so I meant Behemoth Domain last time. I pre-ordered FFXI and should get it tomorrow if I'm lucky. Anyway on with the pics.

I would never thought that the access to Behemoth was that far away, I thought it would be a huge plain roaming with monsters and a Behemoth. Here we are in the cave :

Here are the shots of Behemoth from far away... Hell you don't want to get close to him unless there's load of people with you lvl 60 and higher:

My friend Kobito was kind enough to cast Invisible and sneak on me so I could see him from close enough:

Here we were trying to take some shots grouped in front of Behemoth:

In the last days of Beta I decided to try Warrior and Monk:

Here I was in the boat, so I messed around since I was bored, the boat ride is like 13-15 minutes:

Next 4 random pics, first me, then my moogle house keeper, then a game master (Nethanza) and finally, the last dragon I fought, the one in San D'oria:

Here are the shots of the BETA end event party... The last one was a Magic jug casting Flare on me..neat huh?:

Here are the last shots I took during BETA, these are my fellow Chocobo Knights friends:
The first one is Febreze, the second I'm with Draco, third is Kobito the Great White Mage and the last is a couple of us on Chocobos, we are the Chocobo Knights afterall...

That's it! No more, I'll post this back in my new website, but I won't post the retail pics t'il I got my new website designed. Well T'il next time!
Hurray for Tarus!!!