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Kings Quest 2: Breast Intentions

Hypothetically Asked Questions

How do I download the game?
You can download the game by right-clicking here and selecting "Save Target As."

What are the system requirements?
The game requires DOS 3.0 or higher, and you must have installed on your computer a legally-obtained copy of an authroized Sierra game that uses the AGI Interpreter, such as Kings Quest I (original), Kings Quest II, or Kings Quest III. The Setup program copies the AGI interpreter from your legally-obtained AGI game to the folder that you are installing Kings Quest 2 to. If you own a legally-obtained copy of a Sierra AGI game but are unable to install or play Kings Quest 2, please send an e-mail to The Maestro, and I will send you further instructions. To purchase Sierra AGI games, click here.

Are there dead ends of the game?
In order to keep the general feel of a classic Sierra game, this game does have dead ends. However, in order that the game not be too anoying, there are no dead ends caused by failing to find the proper inventory item. There are dead ends due to having the proper inventory item but failing to do the right thing with it.

The pirate keeps slaying me with his sword. What do I do?
Try downloading this patch.

May I redistribute the game?
You may redistribute the game so long as you keep all the disclaimers in place and do not charge any money for the game.

May I modify the game and distribute it?
Users may modify the game and distribute it, and are encouraged to do so. All modifications must meet the following criteria:

Can I get source code for the game?
Anyone wishing to modify the game may request source code by sending an e-mail to The Maestro. You must first have completed the game and send a set of saved games near the end of the game to prove that you have completed the game. You must also submit your proposed modifications. If I approve, I will send you the source code. Please note that you do not need my permission or approval to modify the game, provided you meet the criteria listed above, since I do not own any of the rights to the game. You only need my approval to obtain the source code.

When will the other games be finished?
Not for a long time, if ever.