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Intermezzo Software

Dedicated to producing Kings Quest games in fractional, negative, and imaginary numbers

An intermezzo is a brief act in between the major acts of an opera. The works described on this site are intermezzi: They fill in the gaps between the authorized episodes of the Kings Quest Series. An intermezzo is, by its nature, brief; thus the games described here are much shorter than the authorized Kings Quest games. There are only a few inventory items to collect and a few puzzles to solve.

All of the works announced on this site are works of fan fiction. They have been or will be produced without the permission of Sierra Entertainment and will be removed at the request of Sierra Entertainment or its successor. Their purpose is to provide added enjoyment to people who have already purchased legal copies of Sierra games. Since the games utilize some files from a Sierra game that you already own, you must have a legally-obtained copy of an early Sierra game already installed on your system in order to play these games. If you do not own any early Sierra games, you can purchase them by clicking here.

Intermezzo Software has no connection whatsoever with Intermezzo Designs or the Intermezzo File System.

Kings Quest 2: Breast Intentions

Prince Alexander has been kidnapped, and his kidnappers are feeding him infant formula. Alexander is alergic to infant formula, and it is making him ill. Queen Valanice sets out to find Alexander so that she can breast-feed him. More Info Screenshots

Kings Quest 2: Kingdom of Sorrow

Ahi'aorina, the Queen of the Woods, has been kidnapped, causing an endless winter to engulf Daventry. King Graham sets out to rescue her and put an end to winter. Based on the novel by Kenyon Morr.

Kings Quest 2 3/4: See No Wevil

Princess Rosella rescues Daventry from an invasion of Bowl Wevils. Based on the novel by Kenyon Morr.

Kings Quest 4: The Floating Castle (in magnificent EGA graphics!)

An evil wizard has moved a castle into Daventry and proclaimed himself King of Daventry, leaving King Graham unconscious. Prince Alexander leads an expidition into the castle to defeat the wizard. Based on the novel by Craig Mills.

Some more games that I might do if I get around to it:

Kings Quest Zero: Adventures in Serenia

King Edward the Benevolent rescues a princess from an evil wizard. (Note: This will be an introduction only, as the rest of the game already exists.)

Kings Quest Negative One

The test adventure Adventure rewritten as a Kings Quest game staring King Edward the Benevolent.

Kings Quest One Expanded Edition: Life of Graham

This game will have four levels:

  1. Peasant
  2. Squire
  3. Knight
  4. Quest for the Crown
Note: Only the first three levels will be provided, as the fourth level already exists.

Kings Quest i: Life in Daventry

This game has an imaginary number because it takes place outside the normal timeline.

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