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Project: Starwind

In the late 1950's the US government started to toss around the idea of human genetic experimentation. Along with these ideas, they wondered if it were possible to create "the perfect warriors." Within a few years, the scentists were successful in creating a DNA structure that would grow up to be the perfect warrior.

Project: Starwind founded in 1960 made many successful subjects as well as a few not so successful subjects. In the 1980's they farthered there experiment. But is it right to play God? Will there creations come back to haunt them?

WARNING: Partial Nudity is some pictures. PG-13 rating on the pictures.

NOTE: Pictures are REALLY big! If you have an auto resizer for pictures, turn it on if not, sorry ^_^ but that's the way they're supposed to be!

Character pictures

Code:S-2 Growth Excellulator Tank

Amber Starwind

Code:3-S-1 Brandi Walk

Brandi Attack

Code: S-3 Nungcha/the Jackle

Code: 2-S-1 Scott Starwind jr

Scott Starwind jr (10) years old)

Stalker Code: 0001 Stalker

Sylvia Starwind

Code 2-S-2 Terry Starwind

Backgrounds and posters

Game Poster

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