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Latest Site News
Site is now nearly complete! Yay! :D Just two more links 2 complete which should *Touch wood* be done by Monday, if not sorry. New banner on the way, hopefully, tut tut, crappy geocities banners >:-( . Anyway, the link two the links page will be up soon, just finalising the different links I want on it, and I cant put up the site news until we actually have some. :P Oh well, that's all 4 now. TTFN

Latest Habbo News
New hotel! Well nearly, There is a new new navigator symbol which looks like the room navigator with a kind of diamond behind it. Also trading has been renewed so you can trade more than of of the same item in the same box, no more calling a hobba to trade 7 - 20 thrones. Also new section in the furni catalog Trophies - Check out the new furni page for more details.

  Thats all 4 now, thx 4 reading!       

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