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Chemical X Games/Battle Boys




Since Darksun's War 2099, which was years ago, there hasn't been a decent co-operative Klik game in the community. Battle Boys was made to remedy this problem.

So grab a friend, family member or co-worker for this roar-ripping shoot-em-up adventure! You and your comrade play Kitt Andromeda and Nathaniel Skyline, two courgeous teenagers on experimental hover boards. They must work together to rid Earth of B-Movie aliens known as The Qal-Ar and the sinister military organisation, AISEC. Battle through 6 worlds encompasing over 20 levels, keeping a saved progress as you go.

Most of the fun comes from the co-operation element; hurling abuse at your failing partner, agreeing on strategy and the use of special powers, doing cheesy high-fives upon the completion of a tricky world and ultimately the excitement and comradeship that comes from tackling a battle together. For this reason, I'll warn you, THERE IS NO ONE PLAYER MODE.

Stuck on the main game, or completed it? There's still loads of stuff to do with your friend. Progress in Battle Boys is rewarded with genuinely fantastic bonus features, including a comprehensive record of main game stats (accuracy, times died etc.) and two fully fledged Versus games that are good enough and big enough (one even contains a level editor) to be released on their own.

So don't waste any more time! Download Chemical X Game's biggest, most enjoyable and socialable game right now!

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