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Gurupie 20/24 Team Fantasy Leagues
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The Gurupie Leagues

These Gurupie Leagues were first conceived in 2002 by "rockafellerskank." His vision was to create a fantasy football league of 32 teams and play those precisely the same as the NFL did. Rockafellerskank (rfs) recruited "Ref" to assist him in this mission.

After seeing how difficult it was going to be to have a draft with 32 teams, Ref suggested it be scaled back to 24 teams so every team wouldn't be required to be saved a QB, DST, K and a TE. It was agreed and the deepest fantasy football league ever made was born. The league was so successful that the league begged for a Basketball League (20 teams) and a Baseball League (20 teams). RFS decided to leave and Ref took over all the leagues. He has recruited StL Cards to co-manage G24 Football and G20 Baseball. Tosh and Guru to assist him in G20 Basketball. Species and Tosh assist in G20 Baseball.

Just think about how important that 4th string WR, that 10th man in hoops and that non-starting center fielder can be in a league like this.

These leagues require a great deal of activity and strategy to stay competitive. It's not for everyone, but for some of us, it's the best experience we've ever been a part of in fantasy sports.

Managers in all three Gurupie 20/24 Leagues (64 possible spots): (6) Peter N, beastiemiked, Great One, Slizz, youngroman, Ref.

Managers in only two of the three Gurupie 20/24 Leagues: (11) Tosh, Toral, Guru, Species, coldwater coyotes, Frick, Judy, mjd, Slackjawed Yokel, Nerfherders, Perm Dude.

Managers in only one of the three Gurupie 20/24 Leagues: (24) StL Cards, Twarpy, Promize, Rogue 9, allhair allstars, Doug, Pistol Pete, RecycledSpinalFluid, deepsnapper, KnicksFan, Mike D, Darkside, GoatLocker, CC Rider, Skinneej, Blue Hen, gshade, Jaydog, Building 7, Dave R, Valkyrie, PacersRule, Meatwads, Vampirewkd.