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Welcome to Codewiz's GTA Website! GRAND THEFT AUTO

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2 / 24 / 03
I finally got the website all set with most of my pictures up! I'm pretty confident that
all the links on this site now work and I'm liking the design. I added some nifty HTML like where you can
contact me right from this site.. I might be putting up a message board and guestbook soon, so watch out
for that. I think I might go make a big banner for the top of the page to take off some attention
to the angelfire ad! Tell me if you think I should make the ad a pop-up or leave it attached to the
top of the site. Goto "Contact Us" and send me your oppinion about the ad!

2 / 18 / 03
Hi. Welcome to my GTA Website dedicated to bringing you all the pictures
and information you crave. Right now my main focus is to put up all my picutres. Then maybe later I can
put up everything else about the GTAs. I just started making this site a while ago so please bear with me here.
Thanks for visiting and come back for more updates.
Go take a look around!

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