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The true though episodic adventures of Ranger Gemstorm, born in the Northern Plains, to a nomadic horse clan, who leaves her home to go a'rangering in the larger world.

Her first journey is on foot, a test of her ability to survive in an often hostile environment, she sets her destination as south to a famous Inn which sits midway between the settled lands running north and south across the continent. It is there she will see for herself the effect of the old and decadent magics that regularly resurrect the shadows of strife and evil that plague the folk across the breadth of the world. It is there she will meet strange and exotic species and races who will sometimes seem to be friendly but always have their own agenda.

Gemstorm maintains an easy calm centered focus, aware of her own shortcomings as well as her strengths she meets all with outward friendliness but keeps her inner self guarded and watchful for the betrayals that a too open hearted affectation would tempt.

Willing to partner with another in some errantry that intrigues her, she is still more content to follow her own curiousity with only her dog and horse for companionship.

Gemstorm on AQW

How It All Turned Out (Fin)
Romancing the Horse
Search for the RoseApple
Ranger's Road Trip
Sneaking Around & Spying on ORCS
The Green Stone of Power
First comic
Second Comic
Third Comic
Fourth Comic
Fourth Comic Part 2
Fourth Comic Conclusion
The Sin Eater
The Nightmare Plagues
Going South..Again
A Tale from the Secret Lives of Cats
Comic Characters Gallery 1
Comic Characters Gallery 2
Comic Characters Gallery 3
Note: All adventures where the players *Rangers' Patrick_P & decky* are also featured include written content by *decky* & *Patrick_P*

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