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      -GAMIN PAINTZ- ..... n other stuff for players :P

~* About *~

   Holy crap i been slackin off, tryin to do somethin tho, im slow......;p

~* Updates *~

4/18/2006...IM BACK!!!going to try to work at getting this place up a bit, more avs n all, i will try to do a little at a time, so if anyone is reading or interested, it will be known ty gr
~* Rules *~

1. If ur gettin painted, please be patient n dont im ur painter without permission
2. Please no drama......unless its good crap, ppl lie say they hat e drama, but it brings much attention lol
3. Have fun
4. If u are not able to follow the rules, i will go through proper channels, have ea pettition signed to have u remo.....4get it, ill boot ur ass :p
~* vv Cool Eh? vv *~

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