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The Neopian Guild HQ.
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user : 4_swords_link
pet : Tombstone5_2000
NP : 966

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The Neopian Guild HQ.

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.:Gamez Central:. Neighbourhood: Maraqua
A guild for Gamerz, Changes every month according to polls Version 1: Zelda
.:Gamez Central:.
Guild Council
I. 4_swords_link
II. denisewtrs
III. slick_shot
IV. jaggedblade12
V. i_need_reve...
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    Do we need the council chat?
    YAY! we get to see what the council ppl think
    We ALREADY know what they think!
    I'm not ON council
    It's ok...
    Guild Stats
    Page Views: 2655
    Members: 7
    Messages: 102
    Founded: 05/16/2004
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  • Mall Reffer Chat Help? Donate
    Coming soon

    • B-day Presents, add your B-day to the Calander

    Avalible shops left for the guild mall:

    Rare Stuff

    Neomail 4_Swords_Link to suggest 1 too.

    Farie Day is coming up, so be helpful and active and you may see one some time soon...

    These are some places you might want to visit daily (Maybe not the Wheel of MONOTONY but u know...) Also check out the Millionaire guide on the Webbie for more helpful visiting places

    Fruit Machine
    Coltzan's Shrine
    Scratch Card Kiosk
    Test Your Strength
    Wheel of Exitement
    Wheel of Monotony
    Giant Omelette
    Burried Treasure

    Prize: Enough Orange items to get this:

    Good luck!

    Winner: None YET...

    I- Team_Tails
    II- Apply
    III- Apply
    IV- Apply
    V- Apply

    Apply soon, there are benifits!

    Add it to your look-up/shop:

    Something has Happened!
    Link is following you. He says: Come to the guild!

    Add to your Look-up/Shop:

    Ok, this is the sencond guild, don't mind if it's messed up right now...05/22/04

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