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What the code is for
power overwhelming
show me the money
10000 minerals and vespene
operation cwal
Faster building
the gathering
Unlimited Energy
staying alive
Disable Victory
game over man
Instant Loss
there is no cow level
Instant Victory
something for nothing
Free upgrades to all units
black sheep wall
Shows entire map
medieval man
Free Technology upgrades
war aint what it used to be
Disables fog of war
modify the phase variance
Disable Tech Tree
food for thought
Ability to build units beyond the support limit
whats mine is mine
Receive 10,000 Minerals
breathe deep
10,000 Vespene


Mission Skipping

noglues Enemy can not use psionics
radio free zerg
Zerg Music*


*Type in ophelia first then and press enter, then you type in the mission you want to go to (In Starcraft, you type the mission ex. terran7,zerg3 , protoss9). (In Starcraft: Brood War you put an x in front of the mission, ex. xprotoss7, xterran3, xzerg4.)

*Only works While playing  Zerg



Brood Wars: Bonus Level
To play the bonus level 'Dark Origin', finish the Zerg Brood wars level 'The Reckoning' (level 8) within 25 minutes.

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