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Nicks random page about him... and other stuff

This page was made by a kid who got so bored one day he said "You know maybe i'll make a web site with some stuff on it to put in my buddy info", but mostly he was basicly bored. I made this stuff on the site because i got tired of finding good stuff in my buddy info and i had to change it every time i thought of something, but now i just have this site to put up everything that i come up with and i dont have to erase it.I put some good movies that will come out in the near future or... any future.

Some people have lovers, and others have haters, but me... I have no one. But someday maybe I can have someone to share a sunset with, or maybe an ice cream cone. I know that someday I'll fall in love with someone... or have I already... or maybe I didn't lol but lets say i did :).

Great Movies that are coming out