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What is FBC?
FoxBot Controller (FBC) is a non-profit organization (NPO). It is designed to make life easier on the admins of TFC servers that use FoxBot.

How does it work?
FBC does its job through binds. It uses the numbers on your keyboard's keypad to perform common FoxBot functions.

What are the system requirements?
You just need to have Half Life v1.1.1.0+ and FoxBot v0.695+.

How much does it cost?
0. None. Zipo. It's totally, absolutely free.

Where can I download it?
From the downloads page of course.

How do I install it?
You need a program called WinZip to install this script. Point winzip to extract the files to your tfc folder (C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\tfc). WinZip will then place all of the files in the correct place. Then you need to edit the files autoexec.cfg and fbc.cfg. Info on this is given in the docs.

How do I use it?
You press different symbols on the keypad to access different sub-menus. For example, press + for the addbot menu. Read the docs for more details.

Can I use it if I'm not at the server computer?
Yes, sir-ree. FBC supports Listen Servers, RCON, AdminMod (admin_rcon), and ClanMod (cm_rcon).

Will it work on other bot programs?
Definitely...NOT! Hint the name FBC - FoxBot Controller.

It doesn't work.
Well, you've got a problem. First read the docs under Troubleshooting. If that does not answer your question, then contact me.

How do I add a bot?
The add bot menu is accessed with the + (plus) key. From there, first type the team number (1-4), then the class number (0-9). If you want a random team or class, then press ENTER instead of a team or class number.

How do I kick bots?
Using FBC, you may only kick all the bots. You can do this by simply pressing the - (minus) key. To kick only one bot at a time, type in the console
kick <bot name>

How do I change the bot skill level?
This menu is accessed by the . (period) key. Then press your desired skill level (1-5) where 1=Hard and 5=Easy. You must hit ENTER when you finish.

How do I change max or min bots?
Max bots menu is accessed by * (asterisk), and min bots menu is accessed by / (slash). Then press your number from -1 to 31. Complete your change by pressing ENTER.

What else can FBC do?
Besides the menu, FBC has some shortened console commands. They are listed at the very bottom of the docs.