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The intallation steps for installing FBC are very simple.
  1. Unzip the files to your mod directory (C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\tfc). Make sure you have 'Use folder names' chekced in the Extract menu.
  2. Open autoexec.cfg (located in your mod direcory - tfc folder), and add the following line.
    exec addons/fbc/fbc.cfg
  3. Open fbc.cfg (located in addons\fbc) and un-comment (remove the //) the line that applies to you. For example, if you have a listen server, change the line
    //exec addons/fbc/scripts/listenserver.cfg
    exec addons/fbc/scripts/listenserver.cfg
    Make sure that only one line is un-commented.
  4. If you use RCON, put your rcon password in the same line that you un-commented. There is a place to put it.

If at any time, a FBC menu command does not work, the problem is one of these two things.
  • You are in the middle of a sub-menu
  • Your binds were overwritten
Here are the solutions.
  • To fix the first problem, you can press ENTER on the keypad at any time to return to the main menu. This will also fix the second problem if ENTER was not the key that was overwritten.
  • If the first solution does not work, you can always type this in the consloe to reload the script.
    exec addons/fbc/fbc.cfg

Using the Script
The main purpose of FBC is to minimize the amount of time you are in the console. "FBC shortens your console time, and increases your playing, having fun time!" Read on, and you'll see how. This program utilizes the keypad, the set of numbers at the right of your keyboarrd, as its menu.
NOTE: All of the following commands are done through the keypad. Nothing will work of you use the numbers above the letters.
In this documentation, we will refer to the 'Main Menu' as the state in which no sub-menus (addbot menu, max_bots menu, etc.) are open. You will also notice, that every time you press a button on the keypad, a message will alert in the upper-right hand corner of your screen, alerting you of your menu status.

Adding Bots
This menu is the most complex of all the menus. You may access the Add Bots menu from Main Menu by pressing the + (plus) key on the keypad. Once in the sub-menu, you then have 5 options.
  • ENTER - Adds Bot: Random Team, Random Class
  • 1 - Blue Team Menu
  • 2 - Red Team Menu
  • 3 - Yellow Team Menu
  • 4 - Green Team Menu
If you press ENTER, you will notice that a bot joined the game, and you have been returned to the main menu. If you press a Number 1-4, you will enter the Team-Specific Add Bot Menu. From there, you then have 11 choices.
  • ENTER - Adds Bot: - Random Class
  • 0 - Adds Civilian
  • 1 - Adds Scout
  • 2 - Adds Sniper
  • 3 - Adds Soldier
  • 4 - Adds Demoman
  • 5 - Adds Medic
  • 6 - Adds HW Guy
  • 7 - Adds Pyro
  • 8 - Adds Spy
  • 9 - Adds Engineer
After selecting any of these options, a bot will be added, and you will return to the main menu.

Kicking Bots
As of now, you can only kick all the bots using this program. If you want to kick individual bots, you must use the console command
kick "<bot name>"
From the main menu, you can kick all the bots by pressing the - (minus) key. All bots will be kicked and you will then go back to the main menu.

Bot Skill
You can edit the bot skill level using this program. The Bot Skill Menu can be accessed from the main menu with the . (period) key. Then press a number 1-5 (1=Hard, 5=Easy). You have not successfully changed the skill level until you press ENTER. After you press ENTER, the bot skill level will be changed. All bots added from that point on will have your selected skill level. NOTE: bots already in the game will not be affected by this change. Also NOTE: If you press ENTER without entering a number, a message in the upper-left hand corner will alert you of the current bot skill level, and you will then return to the main menu.

Max Bots / Min Bots
The Min Bots and Max Bots Menus work the same. Then only difference is the key to activate the menu. From the main menu, you can access the Max Bots Menu, by pressing the * (asterisk) key on the keypad. And you can access the Min Bots by pressing the / (slash) key on the keypad. From there, you can press a number -1 through 31. You have not changed the variable until you press ENTER. After you press ENTER, the Max Bots or Min Bots (depending on which menu you are in) will be changed, and you will retrun to the main menu. NOTE: If you press ENTER without entering a number, a message in the upper-left hand corner will alert you what the variable currently is, then you will return to the main menu.

Console Commands
The following commands are not done through the kepyad menu, but though the console. All they do is shorten the length of some other console commands.
btb1bot_team_balanceBots change teams in order to even them.
bbb1bot_bot_balanceBots change teams so even number of bots on all teams
bc1bot_chatBots chat during the game