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Cheers, Chants and Yells!

These cheers, chants and yells have our team names and initials, but you can just add your own and “presto!” you have yourself a cheer! By the way, X means clap, and S means stomp. There is actually a difference between cheers and chants. A chant is something you can repeat or “chant”, whereas a cheer is like a mini poem.



We're moving IN we're moving OUT
We are the team let's hear you shout
Catch the spirit that we create
Cause tonight's the night we dominate!
Say it loud, say it proud FCC
One more, FCC!


We've got rhythm and we've got soul
So come on mighty Flinders let your bodies go.
S X S S X –repeat


Pump Pump Pump it up (x2)
Pump that Flinders spirit up (x2)
Keep Keep Keep it up (x2)
Keep that Flinders spirit up (x2)
Shout Shout Shout it out (x2)
Shout that Flinders spirit out (x2)


Working for a victory
Striving for a win
Reaching for the top
The Fighters can't be stopped!
We never give up, We never give in
We'll fight till the end
Flinders is here to win!!!


Hey Everybody, get on your feet!
Flinders team x can't be beat!
Yell Go-Fight-win! YEAH!
C'mon crowd, yell it loud!
Yell Go-Fight-Win



*  Defence X X defence X tighten up that line!

*  De-fence, get tough, get tough, defence get tough!

*  Sack that quarterback, crash through that line!

*  Defence attack X get it back X X!

*  Tighten up that defence line, yell hold X X that line!

*  A-T-T-A-C-K the Fighters are back, A-T-T-A-C-K and they're leading the pack!

*  Block 'em, Guard 'em, don't let 'em shoot!

*  Push 'um back, hit 'um hard, Make 'um fight for every yard!

*  Knock 'em down roll 'em around come on defence work WORK!

*  Defence Defence Hooold Tight… Defence Defence X X Fight!

*  Defence get hot, block that shot!

*  Knock'um sock'um rock'um block'um, Go Fighters Go!

*  D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Defence for a victory!

*  Explode, Ignite, Defence let's fight!

*  Take it to the hoop xx and score, two more!

*  Pass it, Catch it, Score for 6, Do it Fighters, That's it!

*  Come on Fighters you can do it, M-O-V-E move it!

*  We, want, a touchdown Flinders!

*  To the hoop 2, to the hoop 2, Take that ball and put it through!

*  Run, Run, Run the floor, Raise, Raise, Raise the Score Run the floor, Raise the Score 2 points more!

*  Two, two we want two X X XXX Set it up and put it through X X XXX!

*  Down, down, down the floor, Raise, raise, raise the score, Down the floor, raise the score, Two points more!

*  Move it on down, Move it on down, Move it on down, For a touchdown!

*  Dribble, dribble, Shoot, shoot, Take that ball to the, Hoop, hoop!

*  We want it up, we want it in, We want it up and through the rim!

*  Dribble it, pass it, We want a basket!

*  Shoot shoot, Don't miss miss, Come on guys, Let's hear that swish!

*  B-b-b-a-s-, K-k-k-e-t, b-a-s, k-e-t, we want, XX Two!

*  Six points over the line, Flinders offence looking' fine!

*  Bump bump bump set it (x3) Spike that ball!

*  Set it up X X, Spike it down S S!

*  Bump, Set, Spike, Score, What else is a volleyball for!

*  S X S X S S X X S X (repeat)

*  We're up for the Challenge and glad to be here (glad that your here) We wish you the best of luck, ready set, let's cheer!

*  We're Flinders mighty Flinders In maroon and gold XX Say it loud, say it proud, Go Flinders Go XX!


If you have any cheers that you would like to be posted on the site, just visit Contact Us.