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Dead for a thousand years, A great terror arose from the deep, It swept across the land, A lone past still lingers, Destiny can not be denied, A burden gross heavier, To the kingdom of the sun, Across a vast sea, A journey home begins...
Game :: Final Fantasy X
Developer :: Square
Publisher :: Square Japan, Square EA, Square Korea, Square Europe
Genre :: RPG
Medium :: DVD-ROM
Platform :: PlayStation 2
Last Update: 19/01/2003 * = Updated Section
Release Date
JAPAN :: 07/19/2001, 01/31/01 (FFX: International)
USA :: 12/18/01
Korea :: 06/04/2002




    Sex :: Male
    Age :: 17
    Height :: 175 cm
    Location :: Zanarkand
    Weapon :: Water Blade
    Battle :: Time Magic
    Tidus is described as "cheerful" and a star player at an underwater fighting ball game, known as Blitzball. His love interest is Yuna. Tidus is the only character that doesn't fit into the Asian imagery of FFX.

    Sex :: Female
    Age :: 17
    Location :: Bevelle/Besaid
    Weapon :: Staff
    Battle :: Summon/White Magic
    Yuna, Tidus' love interest, is also 17. She is rumored to be the water goddess destined to battle the fire god, who resembles Ifrit. She is a summoner of the Ebon Tribe, and the daughter of Master Summoner Braska. Yuna is tired of living in the shadow of her renowned family.

    Sex :: Male
    Age :: Unknown
    Height :: 204 cm
    Location :: Gagazet
    Weapon :: Spear
    Battle :: Blue Magic/Jump
    Yuna's guardian who wears a spear. Kimari reminds us about Quina in FFIX, who uses Blue Magic non-human beast. He tries to protect Yuna from the danger, using his strength. He meets Tidus from a battle, without noticing that they're in same side.

    Sex :: Male
    Age :: 23
    Height :: 188 cm
    Location :: Besaid
    Weapon :: Blitzball
    Battle :: Abnormal Status Mag
    Wakka is a blitzball player same as Tidus. First they're in different teams but later on, Tidus joins Wakka's. Wakka uses bltizball as a weapon, and OverDrive attack is to use his blitzball skill by selecting the right slot.

    Sex :: Female
    Age :: 22
    Height :: 167 cm
    Location :: Besaid
    Weapon :: Moogle Doll
    Battle :: Black Magic
    Another Yuna's guardian who follows Yuna and she acts like sister to Yuna. She is strict but calm, just like Quistis in Final Fantasy VIII. She is known as the "Stongest female character in FF".

    Sex :: Male
    Age :: 35
    Height :: 182 cm
    Location :: Zanarkand/Spira 1000 Years Before
    Weapon :: Samurai Sword
    Battle :: Sword Art
    A swordsman who used to guard master Braska, Yuna's father and he continues to guard his daughter Yuna. Also when he meets Tidus, he teaches him about many things during their journey. He wears a sunglass type to hide his scar.

    Sex :: Female
    Age :: 15
    Height :: 158 cm
    Location :: Al Bhed Tribe/Spira 1000 Years Before
    Weapon :: Claws/Fist Claw
    Battle :: Steal/Throw
    A young woman from Al Bhed who uses metal Claw and steal items from the enemy. She's also Cid's daughter (Until now, every FFs came out Cid) who is the commander of Al Bhed. They speak Al Bhed, and it's expected another mini game; to learn Al Bhed language.


    Tidus' father. He's very rude and keep bothering Tidus. He gives Tidus a sword and Tidus was shocked of his father's action because he has never done it before.

    Wakka's brother. He was a member of the Suppression Corps, but last year, they attacked Sin and he died in the battle.

    Lord Braska
    Yuna's father, a summoner. He has defeated Sin and become famous throught out the world of Spira. Yuna becomes a summoner as a tradition.

    Great Summoner Orhaland
    A summoner who lives in Kilica Temple. He used to be a great Blitzball player but else not known much.

    Cid, the master of the Alvedo tribe, is Rikku's father. The Alvedo Tribe is in opposition to the main teachings of Ebon, which is Spiras' main religion. The Avedo Tribe themselves use high technology freely.

    Sin is not actually a real person, he is more of a evil force. It is said that the last time Sin arose was about 1000 years ago, which sent Spira into its current state. Now he is going to return, for what? We don't know but we know for sure that it is not going to be a good sign, so it is your main job to stop Sin from what he is going to do.



    You, the main character, Tidus, start off in your home land. You step outside of your door greeted by a few devoted fans. Walk over to them. Speak to the ladies and the kids then walk through the middle and you'll see Tidus start talking to them again. Then get to the stadium. Move along this "bridge" as you could say and speak to some of the people to learn about your father or just listen to the announcer guy. Then greeted by another large crowd of fans, make your way through and watch the cool FMV. During the blitzball match you see a man named Auron on top of a platforum guiding "Sin" in to your home! Tidus jumps out of the blitzball sphere ready for a sphere shot and sees Sin attacking Zanarkand. Tidus lands on a platform hanging dearly for his life. He then loses his grip and falls to the ground below. Move down until you see Auron then follow him. Auron makes you watch a sinspawn get thrown right into the side of a building. This is the first boss. . .
    Sinspawn Ammes HP - 2400 AP - 0 Weakness - None Steal - None

    This is your first boss and he attacks first with a white magic spell called Demi. Demi depletes ?of your HP, so you can't die in this battle. Demi should make Aurons overdrive ready. Choose dragon fang and that should wipe out all of the sinscales and cut Ammes HP in half. Tidus' overdrive should also be close or already available. Use Sprial Cut on the enemy and his hp should be cut in half again. Now just keep pummeling away on Ammes until its gone. This battle is not hard, and its impossible to lose so. . .
    After you defeat Ammes save your game at the save sphere. Then follow Auron. You are in one more battle before you get "transported" shall we say. This battle invovles a bunch of sinscales. Forget fighting them and concentrate on hitting the left over machina on the right. Hit this enough times and you'll be able to escape. Then you'll be sucked up into Sin at the begginning of your story.

    Baaj Temple

    You find yourself in water all alone, for now. Follow the red arrow until your on a bridge that collapses. You'll be in a battle with 3 fish. Kill 2 of them and you'll see a much larger fish appear. . .
    Geosgaeno HP - 32,767 AP - 0 Weakness - None Steal - None

    This battle is just as easy. Take 90 HP away from Geosgaeno and you'll escape into the Baaj Temple, or what is left of it. Each time you attack Geosgaeno will counterattack making your HP cut in half.
    Now your in a temple alone again, for now. . . You need a fire and some food. Fire is more important for now. Go through the doors near the Save Sphere and go to the open draw and get the Flint. Return to the main part and go to the nort part of the map. Go in the doorway on the map marked with the green square. Go up the stairs until you reach dead flowers, take them and this is the Withered Boquet. Go back to the main room in the center and press X to start your fire. Tidus falls asleep and wakes up to find his fire almost out. As he tries to fix it he hears something. . .
    Klikk HP - 1500 AP - 5 Weakness - None Steal - Grenades

    This battle is your first main battle without you having easy chances as the past 2 boss battles. Fight with this boss until you see on the CTB window that you have 2 turns in a row. Use a potion if your HP is low, which probably is. Then a group of Al-Bhed come in and a young girl named Rikku joins you in your battle. She has grenades for a weapon. Use those on the boss then steal them back.
    Rikku knocks you out saying "cunno" or sorry in al-bhed. You wake up on their ship. You get told about an underwater ruin they find and you and Rikku go to check it out. Once inside Save your game at the Save Sphere. Go to the little screen machine thingy and you enter the room. Swim through following the red arrow on the map until you reach the boss. . .
    Tros HP - 2700 AP - 8 Weakness - None Steal - Grenades

    Note: anytime you have Rikku in your party, you can throw grenades then steal them back. Anyways, this battle is another experiance for you. Tros will move around the middle machina and get ready for the Nautilus Charge Attack. You can choose on the Trigger Commands "Stand By" and regain 50 HP. Then he'll charge making you lose about 100 to 200 HP for each person. If you have Cheer for Tidus, it would be great, if not, oh well, its not needed for this battle at least. Have Rikku or Tidus use a potion on each other then Tros will go and get ready for another Nautilus Charge Attack. This time around, you've got another option "Pincer Attack". Choose this and you'll surround the boss making him unable to do any more of those attacks. So just pummel him until he is gone and you'll win ^_^.
    Swim back out of the Ruin and back to the ship. Tidus will try and get in the ship itself but fails. Rikku then brings out food for him and Tidus is obviously excited. You'll learn about Zanarkand and Luca a bit and find out how Zanarkand was destroyed 1,000 years ago! Then, once Rikku goes inside, Sin attacks once again.


    This time you wake up on an island named Besaid. You see a few blitzers known as the Besaid Aurochs playing around. The blitzball hits you in the head and a man named Wakka yells to see if you're ok. You show off your moves a bit and they're very impressed. Swim into the shore and Wakka will ask if you do that move again. You and Wakka talk a bit and you start your adventure to the village. Wakka will hit you into the water below. Swim through encountering a battle at least 3 to 5 times against very easy piranhas. Once in the village, you'll learn a little about the crusaders and get taught the prayer. Wakka tells you to go present yourself to the temple. In there you learn about Lord Braska and summoners. Go into Wakka's house and take a nap. You'll have a flashback from when you were a kid about your father, Jecht, missing. Tidus wakes up. Head to the Temple and hear about the Summoner. Tidus is fearing that she might be dead so he is stupid enough to go into the Cloister of Trials. . .

    Besaid Temple

    1) Move to the back of the first area and examine the glyph on the wall. This ancient ideogram helps to open a new path. Another glyph glows on the right side of the room. Examine it to reveal a chamber. 2) Go down the stairs to the small overhang on the wall. Examine this for a brief explanation about spheres, and then obtain the Glyph Sphere. Move to the door at the bottom of the stairs, and insert the Glyph Sphere to open it. 3) Take the Glyph Sphere from the open door panel, and proceed to the next sphere recess. 4) Insert the Glyph Sphere to reveal a secret room. Inside is the Destruction Sphere, but don't take it just yet. Proceed to the next area. 5) Examine the runes across from the pedastal to reveal a Glyph. Examine the Glyph again to open a hidden chamber. Enter the chamber and remove the Besaid Sphere. 6) Insert the Besaid Sphere into the pedastal. This reveals yet another chamber, and Tidus pushes the pedastal inside. 7) At this point, leave the pedastal and return to the Destruction Sphere. 8) Place the Destruction Sphere in the slot in which you found the Besaid Sphere. This opens a hidden chamber on the far side of the Cloister. 9) Go to the new opening in the wall, and obtain a Rod Of Wisdom from the treasure chest. 10) Return to the pedastal and push it into the room until it locks into place and sinks into the floor.
    Now Wakka will greet you and say it was bad but ok what you did. You'll enter the room of trials and find out about 2 other guardians of the Summoner. The lady comes over and doesn't notice you right away. Her name is Lulu. You look over at the big blue guy, that is Kimarhi, a Ronso. The Summoner, Yuna, will come out. This here is one of the best FMV's of the whole game in my opinion. Next, you'll go outside and see Yuna summon an aeon. You are amazed, and yet horrified about this. Now, at night, you go to Wakka and talk about the team and victory and such. Tidus keeps staring at Yuna and walks over to her to talk to her. The elders call him a heathen(LOL.) and try to make him go away but Yuna wants him there. They talk for their first time. Then go to Wakka and ask him about going to sleep. Tidus has a very strange dream about Yuna, Rikku, and Jecht on a pier that you control Tidus in. When you wake up, Lulu is angry at Wakka and wants to get rid of you sorta. Tidus peeks out. (This is an FMV btw. . .a cool one at that) You speak to Wakka about Chappu and learn a little bit about him. The next morning, you get a new sword, Chappu's old sword that he never took. Next, Yuna will come out of the temple with a large suitcase that Wakka and Lulu say isn't needed. They move along. During their trip up the mountain, you get to learn a little bit about battleing. At the top of the mountain, you can choose to pray or not to pray with the others as you part. . .

    On the Pilgrimige road(Besaid Isle)

    Kimahri HP- 750 AP - 3 Weakness - None Steal - None

    If you have cheer, I suggest using it to make this battle even faster. Just trade blows with Kimahri, and he'll use his weak overdrive, jump. Your overdrive also should be available again, but I suggest saving it for a later battle. Wakka then will come in and break up the battle.
    After the battle, go up the mountain more past the waterfalls. More tutorial battles will be occuring. In one of them you get to summon your aeon, Valefor. Don't use his overdrive just yet, or if you do, go through a bunch more battles to get it back up. Once you're at the beach again follow the crew to a bunch of people waiting to greet Yuna goodbye. Talk to some of them and you can recieve an Ether, 3 Phoenix Downs, a Seeker's Ring(very very very useful ^_^) and 400 gil. Talk to the little boy and get a Remedy. Then board the ship.

    S.S. Liki

    Speak to Wakka then go below the deck. Talk to O'aka and give him some money, I recommend 100 to 300 gil, but the more you give him, the cheaper his future prices will be. When finished go back up top and speak to Yuna and Wakka. Then Sin attacks once again. . .
    Sin & Sinscales HP - Sin: 2000; Sinscales: 200 a piece. AP - Sin: 10; Sinscales: 2 Weakness - None Steal - None.

    This battle is easy if you use Valefor's Overdrive. Energy Ray should wipe out Sin, and if not, then just cast Thunder on Sin and don't worry about the stupid Sinscales. . .
    and. . .

    Sinspawn Echuilles HP - 2000 AP - 12 Weakness - Darkness Steal - None

    Wakka goes to save Tidus. Now, entering this battle without a chance to heal your characters, heal them before you fight. And if you have Haste, use it for more turns. Use cheer also if available. Ignore the sinscales in this battle, it's useless fighting them. Just nail Echuilles consistently. Use Dark Attack to blind Echuilles. If any character has 2 turns in a row use an item to restore their health or mana.


    The FMV you watch before in control of Tidus again is very sad. So, walk down the ramp, go up, and head left and get prepared to watch the Sending. After watching another amazing FMV, you're in control again. Go downstairs after waking up and head outside. Datto will come over and tell you that Wakka is waiting for you. Go visit Wakka then head towards Kilika woods. After saving your game, Yuna tries to reveal something, but can't. Head foward more until you meet the crusaders. They'll tell you about. . .
    Lord Ochu HP - 4649 AP - 40 Weakness - Fire Steal - None

    Make sure someone has a sensor on their weapon because its useful in this battle. Use fire and kimahri's attacks until Ochus HP is cut in half. Ochu then will fall asleep, hit him with physical attacks to wake him up and be prepared to heal your comrades as Ochu will use Earthquake. Then summon Valefor to finish off Ochu.
    Follow the red arrow until you're at the steps to Kilika Temple. 2 Aurochs will challenge you to a race, and you get confused when Yuna says to go. Wakka and the Aurochs will come rushing down about a sinspawn. . .
    Sinspawn Geneaux HP - Body: 3000; Tentacles: 450 AP - Body: 48; Tentacles: 5 Weakness - Body: Fire; Tentacles: None Steal - None

    Whoever has piercing on their weapons, equip those weapons to those people. Those people will be the only ones able to give normal damage to Geneaux while he is in his shell. The tentacles absorb all magic directed towards Geneaux so destroy them quickly. Once Geneaux comes out of his shell, summon Valefor to finish Geneaux off with fire and hopefully his overdrive.
    Before you go inside the temple, you'll speak to some of the Luca Goers, a rival Blitzball team. Inside the temple.

    Kilika Temple

    1) Enter the closter and remove the Kilika Sphere from the pedastal on the left. 2) Place the Kilika Sphere in the slot next to the door. This causes it to light on fire. Remove the sphere to extinguish the blaze, and bring it with you into the next chamber 3) Proceed into the next chamber. Insert the Kilika Sphere into the slot on the north wall to make a glyph appear above the shelf. Remove the Kilia Sphere and insert it into one of the side shelves, and then touch the glyph to open the wall. 4) Enter the fiery chamber and move to the right. Step on the glowing floor switch to teleport the pedastal in from the previous room. 6) Take the Kilika Sphere from the right wall to extinguish the flames. Place the Kilika Sphere into the pedastal. 7) Return to the previous chamber and grab the Glyph Sphere. Place it in the wall where you found the Kilika Sphere and put out the fire. This opens a secret chamber. 8) Push the pedastal with the Kilika Sphere on it to the floor switch to make a section of the platform drop. 9) Go downstairs and take the Kilika Sphere from the new slot. Place it into the slot next to the exit, and leave it there. 10) Obtain the Destruction Sphere from inside ther secret chamber on the top platform. Take it downstairs and use it in the new slot beneath the ledge. 11) Open the chest inside the newly revealed area to obtain the Red Armlet. 12) Take the Kilika Sphere fro mthe slot beside the exit and continue through the door.
    Talk to Wakka until he has nothing to say. Then walk toward the door and Yuna will appear. Now you have another aeon, Ifrit. Leave the temple and head back to the dock and when it asks "Embark or Not yet". . .choose embark once ready.

    S.S. Winno

    When on the deck, you'll get a challenge. If you can do it, you'll get the Jecht Shot for blitzball. It is quite easy if you know what to do. Just wherever the memory appears and press x along with the direction. If its in the middle just press x.


    Here you'll meet a few Maesters and see an amazing FMV before that. Go around searching for Auron once Yuna tells you about it. When in the cafe, Yuna will be kidnapped by the Al-Bhed Psyches. You will battle through a bunch of drones and other types of machina until you see the boat Yuna is on and battle. . .
    Oblitzerator HP - 6000 AP - 36 Weakness - Thunder Steal - None

    This can be one of the toughest battles unless if you know what to do. If haste is available, cast it on Lulu so she can have more turns. Use thunder or thundara(if available) on the large machina on the side. Once that gets enough HP to regenerate it, the claw will remove a part of the Oblitzerator and depleting probably all or most of the bosses HP, then just hit it with Thunder and Physical attacks and you'll win clean.
    Now, its time for your first Blitzball match. Go back inside the Auroch's lockeroom. Then speak to Wakka and you should get a tutorial on how to play Blitzball soon. Read all of the articles in it. Now, get ready to play for the championship. This should be easy if you have the Jecht Shot. Just use that and always get close to the goal making sure you got rid of the defenders along the way by pressing square. Then, prepare for battle. The sahgin chiefs are very easy. Should be at least 1 hit to kill each, and theres plenty of them. Once you're out, you take control of Auron. Kill the vouivre with one hit hopefully. Then you'll be fighting a few more enemies. . .Follow Auron and find out something about your father. . .He is Sin. Yes, he is Sin. Anyways, Auron will take you back to Yuna and crew and ask that you and Auron become guardians. Speak to Yuna for awhile, and everyone will think your crazy, LOL.

    Mi'ihen Highroad.

    First, go to the save sphere, you'll get a new option of being able to go to the blitzball stadium and play. There are a bunch of items on the highroad, so look around. Just head straight and follow the red arrow. Maechen will tell you about this highroad. After you talk to him you should meet Belgemine after meeting the Chocobo Knights. You will have a battle against your other aeon Ifrit. This battle should be easy if Valefor is powered up and has an overdrive available. If you win you get a Echo Ring, if you lose you get a seeker's ring. Now head up until you are at the Travel Agency. Here you can rest and get all your HP and MP back. Go outside and. . .
    Chocobo Eater HP - 10,000 AP - 90 Weakness - Fire Steal - None

    This battle, no matter what, you can still move on. If you lose you are pushed off the cliff and have to take a long way around. If you win you get a free ride on a chocobo up the quicker way on the mountain. Now, use haste on everyone and cast fire and use Auron alot. When the monster tips over on its back hit it and it will go back. If you push it back, that would be great also. Make sure both of your aeons overdrives are available, it would help very much so. If you push the monster over the cliff, you get 2 LV. 1 Key Spheres.
    It would be better if you win this battle. If you win you get to ride a chocobo for free. So no matter what, you'll reach the beginning to Mushroom Rock road. Go around and follow the red arrow until you are at the top when Wakka kicks the Machina. Go to the gate and talk to Gatta. When he walks away speak to him twice. Depending on what you choose both times will determine who will be alive after Sin attacks; Luzzu or Gatta. Once you talk with Maester Kinoc go tell the guy about you ready to fight.
    Sinspawn Gui HP - Head: 4,000; Body: 12,000; Arms: 800 a piece AP - None Yet. Weakness - None. Steal - None

    This battle is very hard. You need skill in this battle. Kill the head first. Make sure you do that, then take care of the arms and nail the body. Just pummel the body with your strongest members and use an "-ara" spells on it.
    Here will be an amazing FMV with Sin and the Chocobo Knights.
    Sinspawn Gui HP - Head: 1,000; Body: 6,000; Arm: 800 AP - Head: 48; Body: 400; Arm: 37 Weakness - None Steal - None

    This battle is basically useless with Seymour in here. Just cast and of Seymour's "-ara" spells on the body of the Gui and you'll win.
    Now, after Tidus wakes up. . .go find Luzzu or Gatta. After you talk to them go speak to the others. Then go on the road to Djose. . .

    Djose Highroad

    Talk to all the people on their way to the Djose Temple for some useful items. Cross the bridges and talk to the Chocobo Knights then follow the red arrow to Djose Temple. Once in Djose Temple, you'll meet Isaaru, another summoner. Then go upstairs.

    Djose Temple

    1) Take the Djose Spheres from the slots on the right and left, and place them into the two slots on the double dorrs to open them. Proceed into the next room. 2) Take a Djose Sphere from either side of the door, and proceed to the Eastern part of the platform. Place the sphere into either of the two slots. Take the second Djose Sphere and place it into the remaining slot. 3) Push the pedesatl holding the Djose Sphere under the upside down pedestal. This super charges the sphere. 4) Take the super charged Djose Sphere and insert it into the slot to the right of the central door. This opens a door revealing a room with a pit full of electricity. 5) Remove the two Djose Spheres that you placed in the eastern wall, and place them both on the pedestal. 6) Move to the far west part of the platform, and step on the floor button to move the pedestal back to the center. 7) Push the pedestal with the two Djose Spheres into the room full of lighting. The pedestal becomes a suspended platform, enabling Tidus to leap across the lightning. 8) Push the pedestal on the other side of the lightning. This activates the iris of the symbol in the main chamber. 9) Jump back across the pedestal platform to the main room. Use the floor switch on the west side to extract the pedestal fro mthe ightning. 10)Take the Djose Spheres from each side of the pedestal. Return to the first chamber and palce the Djose Spheres into the slots on each side of the room. This activates the 2 wings of the floor symbol. 11) Take the super-charged Djose Sphere from the slot to the right of the door, and placve it into the slot to the left of the door. 12) The completeted floor symbol turns into an elevator platform. Ride the platform up to the next level. 13) There are five pedestals equipped with Djose Spheres on the upper level. Press X at each pedestal to push it into the wall to activate one of the ceiling spokes. 14) Activating all 5 ceiling spokes reveals a stairway on the west side of the room and a new pedestal in the center. Return to the elevator platform and ide back down to the lower level. 15) Locate the glowing spot on the west wall near the floor switch. Examine a glowing spot to reveal a glyph. 16) Touch the glyph to open the wall, revealing a Destruction Sphere. Take the Destruction Sphere and return it to the upper level on the magic lift. 17) Place the Destruction Sphere into the central pedestal. This destroys a section of the wall to the east, revealing a treasure chest with a Magic Sphere. Ascend the stairs to the west.
    You'll now get Ixion the thunder aeon. Now, the next morning, speak to the party outside. Then go into the temple and go to the left chamber and wake up Yuna. Then you'll all have a laugh or two outside about Yuna's hair. Then head back. Talk to everyone on the way for some more useful items.


    Here, you get to ride the elephent-like shoopuf! But first, talk to Biran and Yenke, they have some important information. Now, you get to battle Belgemine again. As I said last time you met her, make sure your aeons are very powerful and make sure their overdrives are available. If you beat Belgemine, you get 2 dragons scales. But if you win or lsoe, she'll give you the Summoner's Soul. An item that will make you able to teach new abilities to your aeons. Now, you get to ride the Shoopuf! When talking, Yuna will be kidnapped again. . .
    Extractor HP - 4000 AP - 660 Weakness - Thunder Steal - None

    If you have any weapons with lightning strike, use them in this battle. This battle is actually quite easy. Every time the Extractor goes up for its Depth Charge, attack it right away. Make sure you cast Haste or Hastega for this battle, you need them.
    Once in the North Wharf, go to the Save Sphere and save your game. Then head west. Here, you finally meet up with Rikku. She becomes a guardian, so you'll be with her for the rest of the game. Afterwards, head to Guadosalem, land of the Guado.


    Trommel, a guado, will take Yuna to Seymour's place. Go to the inn and save your game. Here you can get some rest. Go to Seymour's place and enter the double purple doors. Seymour will talk to Yuna and such here. Then go back outside and head to the farplane which is up the stairs. Rikku and Auron will stay behind, here, watch Auron closely, when you leave the farplane, something will happen that is a clue sorta. But, after you leave the farplane, your weapon Brotherhood will have 3 new abilities. Now, Lord Jyscal will appear, but when Yuna tries to send him, look at Auron. After Tidus' conversation with Lulu about what Seymour asked(you should've watched teh FMV and teh question!!!!). In this conversation with Lulu, you can confess your love for Yuna or Rikku or Lulu, I personally chose Yuna(=^_^=) because she is hot...hehehe. Anyways, start heading to. . .

    Thunder Plains

    When you see a flash of lighting, press x right when the flash is happening to dodge it. Dodge lightning 200 times and not get hit to earn a cool gift. The Thunder Plains are a great place to level up, note that too. Now, in the middle of the Thunder Plains, Rikku forces the party to get rest. Here, you can save your game and get health and mana back to normal. Follow Yuna into the corrido and Tidus will accidentally stumble into her room. When ready, exit the rest stop. Yuna then stops the party and tells them that she is to marry Seymour.


    These woods are filled with enemies. The Chimera and Ice Flan are very tough so be careful. When you reach near the end, visit O'aka again. Then, Auron will take you to a place. . .
    Spherimorph HP - 12,000 AP - 3240 Weakness - Varies Steal - Ether

    Here, attack the Spherimorph until it uses magic. Then whatever that magic was, use the opposite of it. This battle is also easy if you know what to do. Make sure you have any "-ara" or "-aga" spells to make the battle shorter.
    As a gift for beating Spherimorph, you get Jecht's Sphere. Which 9 more of these can be found around Spira. Now, head off to Lake Macalania and stop at the agency. Save your game because a few boss fights are coming up . . .
    Crawler and Negator HP - Crawler: 16,000; Negator: 1,000 AP - Crawler: 4,400; Negator: 220 Weakness - Crawler: Lightning; Negator: None. Steal - Crawler: Lunar Curtain; Negator: Hi-Potion

    This battle is easy, if you don't defeat the Negator. Leave it up there and just pummel the Crawler. If you do manage to take down the Negator, summon your strongest aeons as quickly as possible and use their overdrives on the Crawler. Anyways, this battle should be easy for you at all costs. Make sure you use haste and any "-ara" or "-aga" spells when the Negator is down also.
    Now head off to the Ice Temple of Macalania. When inside, go to the stairs to the Cloister and you'll hear someone yell. You'll find out, Seymour killed his father, Lord Jyscal. Go to Seymour now by going up the stairs to the Cloister Of Trials. . .
    Seymour, Guado Guardians, and Anima HP - Seymour: 6,000; Guado Guardians: 2,000; Anima: 18,000 AP - Seymour: 2,000; Guado Guardians: 290; Anima: 2,500 Weakness - None Steal - Seymour: Turbo Ether; Guado Guardian: Hi-Potion; Anima: Silence Grenade
    This battle is very difficult, and easy. Seymour goes in a rotation of casting spells, memorize it and use nullifcations on each one before he casts it. Cast haste on everyone in this battle. First, use Rikku to steal the Hi-Potion's from the Guado Guardians so they can't heal themselves every time you attack them. Get rid of them then go for Seymour. Once he loses 3,000 HP, he'll summon Anima. Pummel Anima until his overdrive is very close to hitting full. Then summon the ???? aeon and use her overdrive on Anima doing 9,999 damage to him. Once Anima is dead, Seymour will start casting multi- spells. Again, use the nullifcation spells so Seymour can't hurt you. Then just attack him until he's gone!

    Macalania Temple

    1) Descend the ramp to the floor below, and take the Glyph Sphere from the central column. 2) Place the Glyph Sphere into the pedestal nearby, and push the pedestal toward the stalagmite of ice further up. The pedestal causes the stalagmite to disappear. 3) Push the pedestal toward the ramp leading downward on the far side. Follow it down the ramp. 4) Remove the Glyph Sphere from the pedestal, and set it in the slot to the far left. A cube section of the wall rises into the chamber above bearing a new Macalania Sphere. 5) Go back up the ramp and take the and take the Macalania Sphere from the raised section. Go back below and place the Macalania Sphere into the Pedestal. 6) Push the pedestal toward the column section on the far right. This causes a section of the ice tunnel to reappear above. 7) Remove the Macalania Spherte from the slot under the entrance to the Cloister, and take down the ramp. Place it in the slot on the column to the left, causing a section of the ice tunnel far above to reappear. Take the Macalania Sphere from the slot at the top of the ramp, and place it in the center column. The last section of the ice tunnel reappears above, in addition to a floor switch. 8) Ascend the ramp and step on the floor switch, bringing the pedestal and the Macalania Sphere to the top level. This also causes a section of the ice tunnel to disappear. Take the Macalania Sphere from the pedestal and push it down the ramp. 9) The pedestal is diverted to the right by the glyph, and gets teleported into an ice stalagmite that holds a Destruction Sphere. 10) Descend the ramp to the floor below, and step on the floor switch to bring the pedestal out of the stalagmite. Place the Macalania Sphere Tidus is holding into the slot under the entrance to make the first set of ice stalagmites reappear. 11) Take the Macalania Sphere from the cent column and place it in the slot to make the ramp reappear. Take the destruction Sphere from the pedestal and descend the ramp to the lowest level. Place the Destruction Sphere in the slot to the left of the doorway. this destroys a section of the ice behind Tidus, revealing a chest containing a Luck Sphere. 12) Return to the level above and push the pedestal toward the stalagmites again. Get the Macalania Sphere that caused the ice stalagmites to reappear, and place it into the pedestal. 13) Push the pedestal toward the ramp on the far side of the room, so that it slides back down to the area below. Push the pedestal back into place at the bottom of the column section to reconstruct the ice tunnel above. 14) Asced to the level above and take the Macalania Sphere that powers the ramp. Place it into the last column to complete the ice tunnel.
    Then run for your life as the Guado Guardians come after you. You'll probably encounter about 3 or 4 of them. Then save your game after exiting the ice cavern. Then once you get to safety. . .
    Wendigo and Guado Guardians. HP - Wendigo: 18,000; Guado Guardian: 1,200. AP - Wendigo: 2,000; Guado Guardian: 290 Weakness - Wendigo: Fire; Guado Guardian: None Steal - Wendigo: Hi-Potion; Guado Guardian: Hi-Potion

    This battle is actually considered fun to me. First get rid of the Guado Guardians by stealing their Hi-Potions then killing them. When you kill them, they'll cast Protect and Berserk on Wendigo. Remove Beserk by using Threaten on Wendigo. Just cast protect on the party and pummel through Wendigo. Cast Fira or Firaga on him to weaken him more. Power break and Jinx are also helpful. If you have Armor Break or Mental Break, use that on Wendigo as well. Also make sure you use Haste/Hastega.
    After you fall through the ice, go to the save sphere and save your game. Talk to everyone and be prepared for Sin's next attack.
    Sanubia Desert

    You're on your own at first, and you have to battle Zu, a form of Garuda. Zu is very easy, because Lulu and Auron come in later on. Use Bio on Garuda to disable it. Also use Power and Mental Break. Then look for the others. Rikku will be the last one you find. But, now you have to go to the Al-Bhed's "home" and find Yuna there on the Airship. This in my mind is a great place to level up. To reach home, just follow the red arrow as always.
    Home(Al Bhed)

    The Guado are now attacking "home" with fiends and such. Go in and press X on dead bodies to get helpful items. In here, you have some mandatory battles with Guado and 2 to 3 fiends at once. Follow the red arrow until at the Summoner's Sanctum. Then look around for 10,000 gil and other useful items that would be great to have for the sphere grid. Head for the Airship. Before you get on the Airship, Tidus will find out that Yuna is going to die with the Final Summoning. This here, is a crucial and very sad part of the game.


    Talk to Cid and Auron a few times then go around the cabin. Talk to Rin and get some items for the upcoming battle. Make sure you put on armor that makes your defense go up about 10%. And get armor with SOS Regen and SOS Overdrive abilities. This battle is the toughest in the whole game in my opinion. . .
    Evrae HP - 32,000 AP - 5,400 Weakness - None Steal - Water Gem

    Keep in mind, Evrae cuts all Fire, Water, Electric, and Blizzard spells in half. So if Flare or Ultima are available, use them on Evrae. Its more useful to cast slow on Evrae and Hastega on you all. Evrae is basically immune to all the breaks and other attacks. So those are quite useless. When Evrae breathes in, have Cid move the Airship back. Make sure you have lots of Al Bhed Potions and Mega Phoenixes to keep your party alive. Evrae near the end of the battle will cast Haste on itself. So when he moves in, watch the CTB window for Cid's next turn. Make sure Rikku or Tidus are in the party, then move back after nailing Evrae. He'll move foward right away, just keep using this tactic and you'll win for sure.


    The FMV here is cool and amazing. So be prepared for many battles coming up. When you land, be prepared for about 8 to 10 battles. Each monk that is in front of you, is a battle with 3 enemies. After you eliminate all of them, be prepared for another FMV. Seymour will kiss Yuna! But, then, she'll escape by flying away as you all escape into the Cloister of Trials.

    Bevelle Temple

    1) As you approach from the starting point, watch the first glyph on the path carefully. When the arrow on the glyph points to the right and Tidus's platform is on it, press X to turn right. Follow this path to the bottom. 2) Take the Bevelle Sphere from the bottom, and insert it into the pedestal. Push the pedestal back onto the path, and ride the platform back up to the top of the maze. 3) At the top of the mze, use the florr glyph to turn right. At the next glyph, turn right again. 4) Remove on of the Bevelle Spheres from the pedestal and place it into the slot. This activates a portion of the lower path in the maze. Push the pedestal back onto the path. 5) At the end of the top path, use the last glyph to turn 180 degrees and go back. 6) Next, use the middle glyph to turn right. Remove the Bevelle Sphere from the slot and place it into the pedestal. Push the pedestal back onto the path and ride the platform off the end to start over at the beginning. 7) At the first glyph on the top path, turn right and ride down to the lower path. Turn left at the intsersection and go toward the end of the path 8) Move past the first two glyphs and turn right at the last glyph near the edge. Take one of the Bevelle Spheres from the pedestal and set it into the slot to the left. This opens the path to a slot with a purple glyph. 9) Push the pedestal back onto the path and ride off the end to start at the beginning of the lower path. 10) Ride the lower path to the second to last glyph and turn right. 11) Run to the end of the long path and take the Glyph Sphere. Place it into the pedestal and then get back onto the path. 12) Ride the lower path to the end and turn right. Cross to the purple glyph and insert the Glyph Sphere. The wall gives way, revealing a Destruction Sphere. 13) Take the Destruction Sphere and get back on the platform. Ride it off the end to start over from the beginning. 14) Ride the path to the second to last glyph and turn right again. Run across the long stretch and insert the Destruction Sphere into the slot where you got the Glyph Sphere. This opens a new path in the next corridor over. 15) Ride the platform back to the last glyph on the lower level and turn right. Take the Bevelle Sphere that you inserted here, and insert it into the pedestal. If you do not have two Bevelle Spheres at this point, you will miss out on a great item. 16) Ride the platform off the end of the lower path to start again at the beginning. At the second glyph, which you haven't used before, turn right. Push the pedestal across the platform and ride to the end where the new path lies. This takes Tidus up to a new area. 17) Leave the pedestal at the bottom of the stairs and then ascend the stairs. Open the treasure chest on the right to collect an HP sphere. The treasure chest then disappears, revealing a floor switch. Step on it to teleport the pedestal up the stairs. 18) Take one of the Bevell Spheres from the pedestal and insert it into the slot to open a path on the left. 19) Push the pedestal on the left path and ride it to the end. Here, Tidus recieves the Knight Lance for Kimahri. 20) Ride the paltform back across the top of the stairs and exit to the right.
    Now, you get to be in control of Yuna for the 1st and only time in the whole entire game. You must travel through Via Purifco to find Auron, Lulu, and Kimahri. When you enter, go to the save sphere on the left. Save the game then move on. To get Kimahri, go to the right, up, right, and then up once more to find Kimahri. From that point, move up, left, down, and left again and Auron will be right next to the Save Sphere.Then head back to where you started and head left from there, then go up, then go into the room to the right and you'll get Lulu. Then head to where you found Auron and save your game again. Then head to fight. . .
    Isaaru HP - Ifrit(Grothia): 8,000; Valefor(Pytera): 12,000; Bahamut(Spathi): 20,000 AP - 6,000 Weakness - Ifrit(Grothia): Ice; Valefor(Pytera): None; Bahamut(Spathi): None Steal - None

    This battle is quite easy if you know what to do. Make sure all of your aeons overdrives are available. Use Shiva against Ifrit first. Then against Valefor, use Shiva then Bahamut if necessary. Then against Bahamut, use Ixion against him the whole time. He won't attack, just charge for his overdrive. When his overdrive is available, use shield right before he uses it. Then you should be able to use your overdrive about 3 to 4 times.
    Now, the game will go to Tidus, Wakka, and Rikku. Move to the next save sphere in the water by going up and save the game. You can find 2 of your parties new weapons here. Then you'll fight Evrae again. . .
    Evrae Altana HP - 16,834 AP - 5,800 Weakness - Cure Magic Steal - Water Gem

    This battle is so easy if you have 2 or 3 phoenix downs. Just use them on Evrae and you'll win. Seriously, he has Zombie affect on him, so if you try to heal him, he'll get damaged. So make sure you have those phoenix downs.
    You all will gather at the Highbridge. Prepare for another battle by getting all of your aeons overdrives available. . .
    Seymour Natus and Mortibody HP - Seymour: 36,000; Mortibody: 4,000 AP - 6,300 Weakness - None Steal - Seymour: Tetra Elemental; Mortibody: None

    LMAO. Sorry, but this battle is so funny! It is very easy if you have your aeons prepared as I said to do. The Mortibody dies then respawns by taking some of Seymours HP. So all of your Aeons overdrives attack all enemies, so Mortibody will die and take Seymours HP everytime. Example - Valefor overdrive 9,999 + Mortibody sucks 4,000 then 3,000 then 2,000 then 1,000 from now own after that = around 20,000 each time until the 1,000 point. Mortibody will cast Cura on Seymour a few times, so cast reflect on Seymour and one of your party members will be healed. This battle is one of the easiest battles in the game if you have your aeons overdrives available.

    The Calm Lands

    You all start off in the Macalania Woods. Go save your game and head south to Yuna. She is in the pond and this I must say is the 2nd most touching and beautiful FMV's in the game. I loved it, that song by the way is by Nobuo Uematsu sort of, but its really by Rikki and its called "Suteki Da Ne". I suggest looking for it on KaZaA or whatever mp3 source you have, or get the soundtrack. It's a great song. Anyways, go look for Jecht's Sphere then go to the east until the world map shows on the screen. The Calm Lands are huge. Lot of land to cover. In the center, there is a rest stop where you can find a little about Lulu's and Wakka's past. Then save your game and head on. Here, you get to meet with Belgemine again. As the past fights, use your aeons overdrives against her aeons. Now, go to the monster arena, which is on the west side near where you can get Yojimbo and Mt. Gagazet. Capture a bunch of monsters and visit there for training any time you want. Then head to where the red arrow points. Here, save your game for. . .
    Defender X HP - 64,000 AP - 6,600 Weakness - None Steal - Lunar Curtain

    This guy has no weakness, but you can make him have one. Cast hastega on the party. Then have Auron use Armor and Mental break on Defender X to make him much weaker. Use Waterga on Defender X to make his HP deplete quickly. Use Dark attack on Defender X also to keep him from attacking you also. This battle is hard and then easy. Use Cura or Curaga alot, you'll need high HP.
    After the battle is over, be prepared to get a secret aeon, Yojimbo. Before you go get him, make sure you have over 200,000 gil to spare. Go down the hill I guess you could say. Then go into the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Follow the red area, until you battle Yojimbo. After you defeat him, which is easy, head to the red arrow on the map. Then he'll make a bargain with you for 200,000 Gil for his services as an aeon. Any tiem you triple that amount, he'll give you 2 teleport spheres for the sphere grid. Then head back out to where you fought Defender X and head across the bridge following the red arrow.

    Mt. Gagazet

    Speak to Maester Kelk Ronso then head up the mountain. . .
    Biran and Yenke HP - Varies AP - Biran: 4,500; Yenke: 4,500 Weakness - None Steal - Lv. 3 Key Sphere (Biran)

    A battle of the Ronso's. This battle is easy and useful. Use Lancet after Biran or Yenke use an attack to gain that attack if you don't have it. But, no matter what, just attack them and heal yourself consistently and you'll win. There is no strategy to this match, just attack them alot.
    Then head up the mountain until you reach the save sphere. Go up that hill to meet your friend!
    Seymour Flux and Mortiorchis HP - Seymour: 70,000; Mortiorchis: 4,000 AP - Seymour: 10,000 Weakness - None Steal - Elixer

    This battle is much tougher than the last battle with Seymour. Cast Hastega and protect on everyone. Seymour will use Lance Of Atrophy to inflict you with Zombie, then he'll use Full-Life or Curaga to hurt you, but just use a holy water before he attacks again. Make sure you don't let Mortiorchis use the Total Annihilation attack, you will most likely die from it. Use all of your aeons overdrives and pay Yojimbo 3/4 of your money and pray that he'll use Zanmato or Wakizashi. If Seymour still has HP left after this, use your party members overdrives to finish Mortiorchis and Seymour off.
    Now you'll be in the caverns. During the first trial, hit the middle with Wakka's blitzball. Second trial is underwater, guide each person through there color. Green - Rikku; Blue - Tidus; Orange - Wakka. Then you'll be able to move outside and. . .
    Sanctuary Keeper HP - 40,000 AP - 11,000 Weakness - None Steal - Turbo Ether

    This battle I thought was reletivley easy. Just use your aeons overdrives and about 5 of them should wipe out the beast if they all do 9,999 damage. Make sure you cast reflect on the Sanctuary Keeper before summoning your aeons to destroy him, because he'll use 2 Curagas on himself sometimes.


    Your at your "home" again shall we say. This part of the game is just, depressing. Here you find out many things that are crucial to the story. The fiends here are like mini-bosses. So make sure you're ready. Go inside the dome and travel through as watching the ghostly images on your way. You'll see many of Jecht , Braska, and Auron and then one of Seymour and his mother. Then be prepared for a cloister of trials.

    Zanarkand Temple

    1) Step onto the green square near the entrance to activate the floor puzzle. 2) The puzzle solution is displayed on the far wall. 3) Step on the correct white floor switch to activate each puzzle piece. Triggering an incorrect floor switch causes the puzzle to reset. 4) After you activate all of the proper floor designs, the door to the next chamber opens. Six pedestals then slide into the room, three on each side. 5) Push the northwest pedestal and a new puzzle solution is displayed. Enter the next room. 6) Go to the screen display and press X to make all the solutions appear. Step on the floor switches to activate all the pieces. If you step on a piece that isnt shown, the puzzle will reset. If you forget where the proper floor designs are, check the screen display again. 7) After you complete the puzzle a symbol appears around the central chasm. 8) For the next 3, look at the puzzle on the screen display and find each part. 9) After completing all 4 puzzles in the larger chamber, take the Kilika Sphere from the left side of the screen display and return it to the first chamber. 10) Insert the Kilika Sphere into the pedestal on the west side of the first chamber. 11) Return to the larger chamber and take the Besaid Sphere. Insert this into the final pedestal in the first chamber. 12) This causes the giant chasm to glow. Also a new save sphere appears in the first chamber. SAve your game and prepare for. . .
    Spectral Keeper HP - 52,000 AP - 12,000 Weakness - None Steal - Ether, Turbo Ether

    This battle I must say is one of the hardest in the whole game. Sin is easier than this. You have the option of moving to different circles. Summon your aeons and use an overdrive, then they die from glyph mines. Now, if you use all of your aeons, The Spectral Keeper probably wont die. So then have one person in front of the boss and 2 in the back of him so only 1 person gets hurt. Make sure that person has Protect, Berserk Ward, and Hastega. Just do what I said to do, and you'll win for sure. . .
    Follow the party into the temple. Then you need to speak to Yunalesca. Save your game and. . .
    Yunalesca HP - First Form: 24,000; Second Form: 48,000; Third Form: 60,000 AP - 14,000 Weakness - Ice Steal - Stamina Tablet, Farplane Wind

    This battle is extremely easy at the end and tough in the middle. We'll go thru it stage by stage.
    1st form - Yunalesca(NOT YUNARESKA, ARGH!!!!) will counter on all of your attacks in this form. But, her attacks are weak so your fine. Physical attacks will be countered with Darkness, Magic will be countered with Silence, Special attacks will be countered with sleep. So, now that you know this, be prepared to heal your party members each attack. This form is quite easy, so just attack her and heal your party members.
    2nd form - Yunalesca has a new attack this time around, Hellbiter. Use Holy Water on your party members to prevent Yunalesca from hurting them with cure magic. Use Haste on the whole party. And near the end of her HP, keep a few party members with zombie. . .
    3rd form - A very easy part, if you have lots of Phoenix Downs and keep zombie on. Summon your aeons and annihilate Yunalesca with their Overdrives. Then when she casts Mega-Death, you wont be dead if you have zombie status on. This and the 1st form are the easiest.
    Search for the Sun Crest then head to the Airship by leaving the dome.


    Go to the cabin and around the airship alot talking to people. After talking to Cid enough times and Kimahri and Yuna at the part where you saw Evrae, go back to Cid. You can now go all around Spira and get the hidden aeons. About them, for Anima. Go to the Baaj Temple, fight Geosgano. Go back to Zanarkand trials and go through the last one. Then go back to the Baaj Temple and you'll get Anima. About the Magus Sisters, go to the Remim Temple in the Calm Lands and fight all of your aeons to get the Magus Sisters. Now, visit the Omega Ruins a few times and make sure you have Holy, Ultima, Doublecast, Full-Life, Auto-Life, and Quick Attack. Be prepared for alot of boss battles coming up.
    Left Fin and Right Fin HP - 65,000 each AP - Right Fin: 17,000; Left Fin: 16,000 Weakness - None Steal - Left Fin: Mega-Potion, Supreme Gem; Right Fin: X-Potion, Shining Gem
    Cast Hastega on your party and doublecast flare or ultima on the fin. Summon aeons and use their regular attacks on the Fins. The Fins aren't hard at all so just fight them and cast Curaga and use Al-Bhed Potions alot.
    Sin Core and Sinspawn Genais HP - Sin Core: 36,000; Genais: 1,800 AP - 19,000 Weakness - Genais: Fire Steal - Star Curtain, Stamina Spring, Supreme Gem

    Here summon the Magus Sisters. Try and use Cindy the most for attacking(the middle tall one). Razzia can do up to 80,000 damage right away! This is very helpful, but just make sure you keep them alive for. . .
    Sin HP - 140,000 AP - 20,000 Weakness - None Steal - Ether, Supreme Gem

    What I did was summoned Anima, let his overdrive out on Sin depleting 99,999 HP since I powered him up to the max. Then I summoned the Magus Sisters to finish off Sin with the Delta Attack. If you don't kill Sin and he uses his overdrive, you're gone.

    Sea of Sorrow

    Here, go through Sin until you reach a staircase. The monsters in here are very, very tough. Like bosses you fought back in the day, LOL. Anyways, save your game and be prepared to finish Seymour off for good.
    Seymour Omnis HP - 80,000 AP - 24,000 Weakness - Varies Steal - Shining Gem, Supreme Gem

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR ATTACKS DO 9,999 DAMAGE. That will be very helpful, Seymour this time around is like trying to fight a brick wall, Literally. The wheels behind him are what his weakness is. He'll hit them occasionally to shift his weakness. Summon an aeon that is against that type and use their overdrive. Then summon the Magus Sisters and do all the damage you can do. I found they were useless actually. So just nail Seymour until he is gone. Doublecast Ultima against him. And use holy.
    Now, I really had no clue on what to do here, so I just ran around a bit until I found the exit. Anyways, just follow the red arrow as normal and get out as quickly as possible. Now, when the Tower Of Death falls to the ground, be prepared for the ending of the game. That save sphere is the last one of the game. Now, you'll be in a new place. The Icecles that come up from the ground are dangerous because every time you touch one, you're in a battle. Make sure you get all 10 of the little thingies that appear. Then. . .
    Braska's Final Aeon(Jecht) HP - 1st form: 60,000; 2nd Form: 120,000 AP - 0 Weaknes - None Steal - Turbo Ether

    This, is the end. First, inflict zombie on Jecht. Then cast Protect and Auto-Life. Doublecast Ultima on Jecht. Now, when he transforms and his overdrive bar is full, talk to him with tidus to lower his overdrive. This battle is quite easy. When his HP is low, use your aeons overdrives to finish him off.
    The End is near.

    Yu Yevon HP - 99,999 AP - None Weakness - None Steal - None

    This battle is a cheap battle, for Yu Yevon. You have permanent Auto-Life. Just use Zombie attack on him. The End.
    The End! The final movie is very sad,:'( but don't worry, Tidus isn't dead!:D

  • MAPS

  • Abilities
    Special Abilities
    Name MP Description
    Use - Use powerful offensive, defensive, or healing items in stock
    Flee - Aid the party's escape from battle
    Pray - Restore a small amount of the whole party's HP
    Cheer - Raises party's strength and defense
    Aim - Raise's party's Accuracy
    Focus - Raise's party's magic and magic defencse
    Reflex - Raise's party's evasion
    Luck - Raise's party's luck (raises accuracy, evasion, critical hit rate)
    Jinx - Lowers enemys luck
    Lancet - Drains enemys HP and MP and gives it to the caster, also Kimahri can use this to learn new Overdrive Skills
    Guard - Intercept hits meant for other party members (cannot stop magic, or attacks that hit the entire party)
    Sentinel - Same as Guard but sentinel also guards the user as well
    Spare Change - Attack by throwing gil, that's right sometimes being rich pays off (damage is 10% of what is thrown)
    Steal - Steal items held by the enemy (use against machina)
    Threaten 12 Stuns the enemy with fear
    Provoke 4 Draws the enemys attack toward the user
    Entrust 8 Give the users Overdrive gauge to another character
    Copycat 28 Mimics the last action done in battle even if the skill has not been learned (does not work with Summons or Overdrives)
    Doublecast - Cast two white magic spells in a row
    Bribe - Pay off enemies for a safe pass (more gil, better responce)

    Skill Abilities
    Name MP Description Dark Attack 5 Inflicts darkness on the enemy for 3 turns
    Dark Buster 10 Inflicts darkness on the enemy for 1 turn however the success rate is virtually guaranteed unless the enemy is immune
    Silence Attack 5 Inflicts silence on the enemy for 3 turns
    Silence Buster 10 Inflicts silence on the enemy for 1 turn however the success rate is virtually guaranteed unless the enemy is immune
    Sleep Attack 5 Inflicts sleep on the enemy for 3 turns
    Sleep Buster 10 Inflicts sleep on the enemy for 1 turn however the success rate is virtually guaranteed unless the enemy is immune
    Delay Attack 8 Delays the enemy's next turn
    Delay Buster 18 Greatly delays the enemy's next turn
    Zombie Attack 10 Inflicts the enemy with a zombie status
    Triple Foul 24 Inflicts silence, darkness, and sleep for the next 3 turns
    Power Break 8 Lowers the enemy's strength
    Magic Break 8 Lowers the enemy's magic Armor Break 12 Lowers the enemy's defense, also takes targets armor away allowing non-piercing weapons to attack at full strength
    Mental Break 12 Lowers the enemy's magic defense
    Mug 10 Same as "steal" but also deals enemy damage during the process
    Quick Hit 12 Quickly attacks the enemy and the users next turn come up sooner (like haste for 2 turns)

    Location :: Besaid Temple Valefor is very quick, and also very accurate. He easily dodges attacks from the ground.
    Unique Attack :: Sonic Wings Valefor's unique attack sends a shockwave of energy at one enemy, causing physical damage and delays the enemy's next turn. Because of the short recovery time, you can normally use Sonic Wings repeatedly on an enemy.
    Black Magic :: Fire, Blizzard, Water, Thunder
    Overdrive :: Energy Ray, Energy Blast Valefor's Energy Ray fires a charged beam that explodes underneath all enemies causing non-elemental damage. Valefor also has a second overdrive that you can obtain when Yuna joins the party. Return to Besaid village, and speak to the little girl outside the temple. If she is not by the temple check out the item shop. She will give you an item that gives Valefor the overdrive, "Energy Blast." Energy Blast is similar to Energy Ray but it does more damage at the cost of a longer recovery time.
    -Once Yuna activates her ultimate weapon, Nirvana, all of Valefor's attacks can break the 9999 damage limit.

    Location :: Temple of Kirika Though Ifrit has very high strength, it's defense and magic defense are low. Since Ifrit is an elemental creature (fire) he can heal himself with fire, fira, firaga. It is also best to use Ifrit against enemy's that are weak against fire.
    Unique Attack :: Meteor Strike Meteor Strike is a non-elemental attack that deal higher damage than his regular attack. It has a longer recovery time than his regular attack also. Meteor strike is a useful attack against long-range creatures. It also penetrates Protect despite it being a physical attack.
    Black Magic :: Fire, Fira, Firaga
    White Magic :: Ba-Fire, Ba-Cold
    Overdrive :: Hellfire Hellfire deals extreme fire damage on all enemies in with a fiery inferno of flames and rock When Wakka gets his ultimate weapon, World Champion, all of Ifrit's attacks can exceed the 9999 damage limit.

    Location :: Temple of Joze Ixion's high defense and high magic defense make it a good aeon to call out when the party needs protection from an enemy's attack.
    Unique Attack :: Aero Spark Ixions shoots razor-sharp discs at a single enemy causing non-elemental damage. The attack also negates magical effects such as, Protect, Shell, Reflect, Haste, Regen, and the Nul spells.
    Black Magic :: Thunder, Thundara
    White Magic :: Ba-Thunder, Ba-Water
    Overdrive :: Thor Hammer Ixion unleashes a server lightning attack, hitting all enemies with lightning elemental damage. Ixion can inflict more than 9999 HP damage once Kimahri gets his ultimate weapon Sprit Lance.

    Location :: Acquired in Macalania Temple The beautiful goddess of Ice. An amazing sight to the eye and an agile attacker.
    Unique Attack :: Heavenly Strike Shiva drops a giant block of ice on the enemy slightly delay it's next turn and also causes some non-elemental damage.
    Black Magic :: Blizzard, Blizzara
    White Magic :: Ba-Fire, Ba-Cold
    Overdrive :: Diamond Dust Shiva freezes all enemies with sheets of ice, and destroys it with a gentle snap of her finger. She really lays down the laws. Shiva can break the 9999 damage limit when Lulu acquires her ultimate weapon, The Onion Knight.

    Location :: Palace of St. Bevelle Bahamut possesses the auto-ability "Break Damage Barrier." This enable Bahamut to exceed the 9999 damage limit right from the beginning. Bahamut is a mad killer, with high Strength, Defense, and Magic attributes. Bahamut's regular attack is stronger than any other Aeons. Bahamut can also cast the highest level spells. Like I said, mad killer.
    Unique Attack :: Impulse Bahamut charges up and fires up to four balls of dark magic and hurls them, damaging all enemies. Impulse is very useful when fighting multiple enemies.
    Black Magic :: Fire/Fira/Firaga, Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga, Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga, Water/Watara/Wataga.
    White Magic :: Libra
    Overdrive :: Mega Flare Bahamut anchors itself and fires a massive breath attack the rips apart everything around it. Bahamut's Overdrive is an extreme attack the constantly deals over 9999 HP damage and will continue to grow stronger.

    Location :: Baaj Ebon Temple The dark Anima. First seen through Seymour. However the party can have a snatch at this one of a kind aeon through a side quest. Return to Baaj Temple from the airship, defeat geosganeo, and then enter the underwater temple. Find the six hidden items in the Cloister of Trails at each temple, and then approach each statue inside Anima's shrine. This opens the doorway to the most devastating aeon in the game, Anima!
    Unique Attack :: Pain Just look at the name, pain. The name really says it all. Anima conjures the essence of misery and anguish, and lets it all out upon a single enemy. The attack has a high chance of instant death. Pain has a long recovery time.
    Status Attack :: Sleepel Attack/Silence Attack/Brain Attack, Sleepel Buster/Silence Buster/Brain Buster.
    Black Magic :: Fire/Blizzard/Thunder, Fira/Blizzara/Watara/Thundara, Firaga/Blizzaga/Wataga/Thundaga, Bio/Death.
    Overdrive :: Oblivion In the most horrifying of all Aeons' Overdrives, Anima inflicts multiple non-elemental attacks on all enemies.

    Location :: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth Yojimbo is a secret aeon you can acquire by visiting the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth beneath the bridge at the northeast ends of the Calm Lands. To get Yojimbo you must fight your way through the cavern and beat Yojimbo in battle. Proceed through the cavern and speak to Yojimbo to negotiate a price for his services. He will offer his lowest initial price if you choose the option, "To defeated the most powerful of enemies." For your first bid, offer half of his asking price plus 1 Gil, so if he ask for 250,000 Gil, offer 125,001 Gil. After his next offer, raise your bid by 1 Gil. By the time he proposes 205,000 Gil, he will generally accept offers below 200,000 Gil, though not much lower. If at any point you offer him triple of his asking price he will give you 2 teleport spheres along with his services.
    Unique Attacks :: Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, Zanmato Yojimbo doesn't have selectable attacks or overdrives. As a sword-for-hire, he will attack enemies based on how much you paid him. Yojimbo's attacks will exceed the 9999 damage limit when Auron activates his ultimate weapon, Masamune.

    [Mangus Sisters](Mindy,CIndy and Sandy)
    Location :: Remiem Temple This trio can be yours by taking a side quest. Capture all the monsters in the Mt. Gagazet area, and return to the monster arena to get the Blossom Crown. Acquire all the other aeons, including Yojimbo and Anima, and return to Remiem Temple in the calm lands. Challenge and defeat Belgemine's versions of your aeons. When you beat her version of Bahamut she will give you the Flower Scepter. Continue to defeat Yojimbo and Anima. Then move to the door in the back and unseal it with these two key items.
    The Magus Sisters are like three separate aeons. As such, they are a bit difficult to control. There are verbal request that must be made, and weather or not they grant Yuna's wishes depends on the level of their morale.
    Unique Attacks :: Camisade, Razzia, Passado The sisters might perform their unique attacks randomly when the "Do what you will," command is selected, or they might do it when Yuna shouts, "Go, Go!" Cindy's Camisade shoots blades of fire at an enemy, while Sandy's Razzia launches her onto her target. Little Mindy's Passado will rapidly fire a burst of fifteen stingers at a single enemy.
    Overdrive :: Delta Attack When the magus sisters are all in overdrive mode at the same time, a new command, "Combine Powers!" appears. The sister will join forces and perform one of the most devastating overdrives in the game, Delta Attack.
    Command Effect
    Do what you will Sister make the choice. Other Commands Open
    Fight! Sister perform regular attack
    Go! Go! Sister perform unique attack, or cast magic
    One More Time Sister repeats the last action preformed
    Defense! Sisters cast protective or support magic
    Help Each Other! Sisters use healing magic on each other
    Dismiss Sisters leave the battlefield

  • Celestrial Mirror
    To acquire the cloudy mirror, you must go to Remiem Temple in the calm lands. Talk to the chocobo on the right hand side to race on the spiraling track under the temple. If you win the race, you wil receive the cloudy mirror. To acquire the celestial mirror you must take the cloudy mirror to Macalania woods and do the following:
    Talk to the mother and son standing near the Save sphere in Malacania Woods - south. The mother will mention that her husband is supposed to met her. Then go to Macalania woods - campsite and talk to the man to the right, who is her husband. Tell him where his wife and son are and return to Macalania woods - south.

    Head up the mysterious, glowing path near the save sphere. At the intersection, head north until you see the boy standing in front of large spherical crystal. Talk to the boy and use the cloudy mirror on the crystal. The cloudy mirror will change into the Celestial Mirror. This mirror is the key to obtaining the party's Ultimate Weapon.

  • Dark Aeons
    Note Dark Aeons are only available on the International version, so if you're playing the US version, you may not be able to find this super hard-to-kill bosses.
    Dark Valfore Location: Entrance to Besaid Village Tactics: Very Easy, a perfect attack reel will kill him. Auto-phoenix to play safe.
    Dark Ifrit Location: Entrance to destroyed Al-Bhed Home (Bikanel Island Extreme North) Tactics: Easy, attack reel and blitz ace will kill him. Use aeons when his overdrive is full to block. Auto-phoenix recommended.
    Dark Ixion Location: Thunder Plains (talk to soldier under lightning tower north of trading post) Tactics: Easy, as long as you have sleepproof, or better still ribbon, and auto-phoenix. This is because his normal attacks cause sleep in addition to full break. You need to fight him twice. The first time you fight him, he will only cast Aerospark when his overdrive is fully charged. Beware of his Thor's Hammer overdrive during the second fight. Use Aeons to block if your HP is low, and as his second incarnation is slower, quick hits should take him down before he has a chance to use it.
    Dark Shiva Location: Entrance to Macalania Temple. Tactics: Max agility is a must otherwise she will kill you before you have a chance to attack. Use Aim several times to be able to hit her. Beware her Heavenly Strike which is instant kill even with ribbon armor, rely on Auto Phoenix. Use Aeons to block her overdrive as usual. Other than that she is not so hard.
    Dark Bahamut Location: Place where you fought Yunalesca (Where the Sun Crest is) Tactics: This is where is starts to get tough. Use all the tactics mentioned above and use Aeons just before his overdrive is full and shield because he will do Mega Flare as soon as his bar is full circumventing your turn (i.e. bar almost full, hits you, bar full, immediately Mega Flare before you have a chance to retaliate). Auto-Life helps against his Impulse. His favourite tactic is to do impulse when his bar is full, then immediately uses the full overdrive to do Mega Flare. Impulse has a 100% chance of turning you to stone, so stoneproof, or better still ribbon is a must.
    Dark Yojimbo Location: Caverns of the Stolen Fayth (Teleport to end then walk out) Tactics: Firstly, you need to fight him 5 times by chasing the summoner back to the entrance of the cave, you can save between fights but if you reload you have to start all over again. So i recommend going to save points to recover between fights. His attacks all have a chance of instantly killing your characters by doing 99,999 damage, and his evade is very high so do Aim MANY times. Quick hit is the way to go with back up from Blitz Ace and Attack Reel. His attacks can also do status effects but i had ribbon so i am not sure what they are. His overdrive attack is an instant kill and even if you have auto-life, you will not be revived so using Aeons to block is a must.
    Dark Anima Location: Mount Gagazet, redo the challenge in which Wakka had to throw a ball at the revolving thing then teleport back to the entrance to Mount Gagazet and Dark Anima will be there waiting for you. I had the most trouble finding him and must thank my cousin, Izaac, for noticing that Anima looked fishy (remember the shell) and so made me go swimming around Mount Gagazet. Tactics: He is hard, and not just for the HP. His Pain is an instant kill attack which does not damage so overdrive comrade mode will not charge. His Mega Graviton attack will do incredible damage based on your max HP, so unlike other gravity based attacks it can kill you outright if your HP is low. His overdrive does incredible damage not to mention draining MP. Lastly for such a huge lump he is very hard to hit, so once again do Aim like it is free, actually it is so just do it until you feel comfortable. As noted from his huge HP this battle will take a long time but the standard tactic of lots of aiming, Quick Hits and using Aeons to block his overdrive will win out eventually.
    Dark Magus sister Location: Mushroom Rock, from exit of Mi'ihen Highroad walk until you encounter two summoners. A cutscene will commence then the combat. Tactics: I don't know, I just grand summoned Yojimbo, paid him 1.3 Million Gil and hoped for Zanmato. Normal way of fighting not sure how but i suggest using an Aeon to block Delta Attack as they start in overdrive then concentrate on one of the sisters and kill her to stop future Delta Attacks.


    Besaid Temple

    Go ahead and examine that ugly gold colored glyph on the wall. Doing that reveals a tealish colored glyph. Talk to that and it opens up a path. Head on down the stairs until you see a green, glowing ball. Pick it up, and continue down the stairs. Put the sphere into the door, and it opens! Now, take the sphere back out. Go through the open door until you find an area on your left that seems that can hold a sphere. Go ahead and put the sphere in and magically you are rewarded with a Destruction Sphere. Ignore it for now though. Continue down the hall until you see two walls, with a bunch of white symbols on them. Examine them all until a door opens to a sphere. Take that sphere and put it into the pedestal across the hall. Push the pedestal into the room that appears. Go grab the destruction sphere before doing anything else, and insert it into the hidden room that had all the blue lines going into a sphere. Insert it there where you grabbed the sphere and an opening is revealed. Go inside and get the prize, a Rod. Go back to the pedestal and push it across until it snaps in place into an indention in the ground. Puzzle Competed.
    Kilika Temple
    The first thing you see is a pedestal. Approach it and take the nice fiery Kilika Sphere. Put the sphere into that slot by the door, causing it to burn. Grab the sphere and head on through the door. Put the sphere into the slot on the north wall. Take it out, and put it in on the slot on the left wall. Touch any Glyphs that appear. It should open up a wall. Take the blue sphere from the Pedestal and put it into a slot on the right side. GO through the wall opening and into a room with fire. Step on the symbols on the floor causing the pedestal to appear in the room. Take the red fiery sphere from the right wall and pop it into the pedestal. Now place the blue sphere form the previous room into that slot which ignites the fire. The fire is burned out. Push the pedestal into the slot on the floor and cross the gap. Go ahead and place the sphere you find down in the gap by the northern door. Take it out, burning the door, and make your way through.
    Djose Temple
    Take the two spheres in this room and insert them into the slots by the door. Go through. Now, take 1 of the spheres by the door and insert it into the farthest right slot in the room. Take the other sphere and insert it into the other slot on the far right of the room. This causes the pillar above to become charged. Take the pedestal with the sphere in it, and push it under the charged pillar. This charges the sphere on the pedestal. Take the charged Sphere and insert it into the slot by the door in this room. Go to the far left of the room with the pedestal and step on the floor glyph. Grab the two spheres that are charging the pillar on the ceiling, and put them into the pedestal. now push the Pedestal with the spheres into the Pit of lighting in the room to the north. This disables the electricity. Go across the lightning pit and push the pedestal inwards. Jump back to the main room. Step on the floor glyph on the far left again to recover the pedestal. Take both spheres from the pedestal, and put the into the two slots all the way back into the entrance room. Go back to the pedestal room and take the charged sphere. Put it into the slot to the left of the door leading to the lightning pit. Go to the pedestal and ride the new platform up. On this level, go to all 5 pedestals in the rooms, and push them into the wall as far as they go. This unlocks a staircase. Ride to the lower level first though. Go to the far left in the room and touch the glyph on the wall. This reveals a destruction sphere. Go back to the higher level and place the destruction sphere into the pedestal. Receive your prize, then climb the stairs.
    Macalania Temple
    As you try to leave, the temple guys reset the Cloister of Trials before you can get out. Oh well, this is one of the easiest ones. Go down the ramp thing to the lower floor. Take the sphere from the very middle pillar. Put it into the pedestal. Now, push the pedestal to the right until it hits a pile of ice and stops. Now push it northwards until it falls into a hole. Follow the pedestal and take the sphere out. Put it into the left-most slot on the wall down there. Go back up, and take the newly accessible sphere. Go back down and put it into the pedestal. Push the pedestal to the right, creating a brand new 1/3 completed bridge. Now, go back up. Now, grab the sphere all the way on the far right side. Take it down the ramp and place it in the pillar on the left. Go back up and grab the sphere right next to the ramp going down. place it in the pillar where you took the first sphere from. Now, go back up to where the ice bridge is completed, and step on the floor glyph. The pedestal is now at the top of the long ramp. Take the sphere out from the pedestal and push the pedestal down the ramp. Go down the long ramp, and onto the floor. Go down and step on the floor glyph. Take the sphere your holding and insert it into the slot on the far right of the room, making icicles appear. Take the sphere from the center pillar of the room now. Put it into the slot by the ramp leading into the basement floor. Go back to the pedestal and take the destruction sphere from it. Go to the lowest level and place it in the slot right next to the doorway. Go in and grab your prize. Go back up and push the pedestal to the right, smashing into the icicles. Take the sphere from the far right slot in the room and place it into the pedestal. Push the pedestal north causing it to fall into the basement floor. Go down there and push the pedestal to the right, completing part of the bridge. Go back up and take the sphere by the basement ramp. Place it into the pillar in the center of the room and get out of here!
    Bevelle Temple
    1. Push the first pedestal inwards, turning it into a platform. 2. You are in a loop, so do not worry if you mess # 3 up. 3. On the first turn, press X when the arrow points to the right. 4. Continue down, and go straight at the next turn. 5. Go to the end, and take the sphere. Place it into the pedestal. 6. Push the pedestal into the path. Go back to the loop. 7. When your in start of the loop, turn right on the second turn. 8. Take a sphere from the pedestal and place it into the slot. 9. Push the pedestal back into the path and start looping. 10. From the loop start, go left on turn two. Take the sphere and loop. 11. At turn 1, go right. When you reach the bottom, go left. 12. You are in loop 2. Take a right turn at the last turn. 13. Place a sphere into the slot, uncovering a glyph sphere. 14. Go back to loop 2. Now, take a right turn at the 2nd to last turn. 15. Take the Glyph sphere there and pop it into the pedestal. Go into loop 2. 16. Go right at the last turn. Go across and insert the Glyph Sphere. 17. Take the destruction sphere. Get back in loop 2. 18. Go right on the 2nd to last turn. Pop in the destruction sphere in the slot 19. Get onto the loop. Turn right at the last turn, take the sphere there. 20. Get into loop 2. Make a right turn at the first available turn. 21. Push the pedestal across. Get into the new path. 22. Go up the stairs and take the treasure. Now step on the floor glyph. 23. Take a sphere from the pedestal and place it in the nearby slot. 24. Push the pedestal into the near path, and get your treasure. 25. Ride back an enter the Chamber of Fayth.
    Zanarkand Temple
    In the first room, this is going to be like a warm up before the real thing. On the back wall are Tetris images, and you goal is to find them on the floor. Go up and talk to the wall with the Tetris image and it shows you where you need to step. Its like a memory game. Memorize where you need to step and do it. The order does not matter. Messing up cause the puzzle to reset. Once you complete it, pedestals come out the sides of the room. Push them in one at a time, starting counter-clockwise. When you put one in, its activates the next Tetris puzzle in the next room. You have to complete all 4 to continue onwards. The left center and right center pedestals are for later, so leave them alone. When you push the first pedestal in, go to the next room and speak with the Tetris wall-images to see where to step. When you finish the puzzle, head back and push in another pedestal, and another, and another. At this point you will have 4 of them done. Go into the huge room and take the red sphere from the left of the Tetris wall image. Go to room one and insert it into the left pedestal. That deactivates the power. Push it into the wall. Go back and get the blue sphere, which deactivates the Tetris-wall image. Insert it into the last pedestal, and push it into the wall too. Puzzle complete!

  • Magic List

    [ Attack ]Small Shell Grenade Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Ability SphereX2 / Magic SphereX2 Physical attack All enemies Medium damage Power SphereX2 Pineapple Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Bomb Fragment X Fish Scale Physical attack All enemies Medium damage Bomb Fragment X Electric Ball Cluster Bomb Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Teleport SphereX2 / Lv. 2 Key SphereX2 Physical attack All enemies A lot of damage Lv. 3 Key SphereX3 Potato Masher Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Map X2 / Black Magic SphereX2 Physical attack All enemies Medium damage (many times) Tall Boy (?) Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Lv. 4 Key SphereX2 / Demon's Stone of LightX2 Physical attack All enemies A lot of damage Heat Buster Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Bomb Cluster X Needle of Gold Fire All enemies Little damage (many times) Fire Storm Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Bomb ClusterX2 Fire All enemies Medium damage
    Burning Soul Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Bomb Cluster X Lv. 3 Key Sphere Fire All enemies Medium damage (many times)
    Thunderbolt Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Electric Ball X Needle of Gold Thunder All enemies Little damage (many times)
    Rolling Thunder Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Electric BallX2 Thunder All enemies Medium damage (many times)
    Lightning Bolt Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Electric Ball X Lv.3 Key Sphere Thunder All enemies Medium damage (many times)
    Water Hole (?) Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Fish Scale X Needle of Gold Water All enemies Little damage (many times) Al Bhed Recovery Medicine X Demon's Stone of Water
    Flash Flood Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect GrenadeX2 / Scale of Fish X2 / Dragon Scale X2 / Demon's Stone of water X2 Water All enemies Medium damage (many times)
    Tidal Wave Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Fish Scale X Lv. 3 Key Sphere Water All enemies Medium damage (many times) Demon's Stone of Water X Friend Sphere
    Cold Snow Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Antarctic Wind X Needle of Gold - Consumption Sphere Ice All enemies Little damage (many times)
    Ice Blizzard Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Antarctic WindX2 / Artic WindX2 Ice All enemies Medium damage (many times)
    Winter Storm Items to Combine Attack Type Target Effect Antarctic WindX2 / Lv. 3 Key Sphere Ice All enemies Medium damage (many times)
    [ Recovery ] Ultra Potion Items to Combine Target Effect PotionX2 / Potion X High Potion All allies Recovers a big amount of HP Potion X XPotion / Al Bhed Recovery MedicineX2 Potion X Grenade
    Elixir Items to Combine Target Effect Echo Grass X Power or Speed Sphere One ally Fully recovers HP and MP
    Last Elixir Items to Combine Target Effect Mega PotionX2 / Spirit Medicine X High Potion All allies Fully recovers HP and MP Lv. 3 Key Sphere X Gold Needle
    Super Elixir Items to Combine Target Effect Easing Water(?)X2 / Tetra ElementalX2 One ally Fully recovers HP and MP and cures any abnormal status
    All Cure Items to Combine Target Effect Neutralize PoisonX2 / Gold NeedleX2 / Eye DropX2 All allies Restores all abnormal status conditions (except "death"status) Neutralize Poison X Potion / Gold Needle X Potion / Potion X Echo Grass
    Mega Phoenix Items to Combine Target Effect Phoenix TailX2 All Allies Recovers from "death" status
    Last Phoenix Items to Combine Target Effect Mega PhoenixX2 All allies Recovers from "death" status and fully recovers HP

    [ Status Change ]Blaster Bomb Items to Combine Target Effect Grenade X Consumption Sphere All enemies Little damage + "silence" - "sleep" - "darkness" status
    Hazard Shell Items to Combine Target Effect Silent MindX2 / Smoke BombX2 / Candle of LifeX2 All enemies A lot of damage + "silence" - "sleep" status Poison FangX2
    Calamity Bomb Items to Combine Target Effect Uncommon world shadow(?)X2 / "Petrify" grenadeX2 All enemies A lot of damage + "silence" - "sleep" - "poison" status

    Chaos Grenade Items to Combine Target Effect Uncommon World Wind(?)X2 All enemies A lot of damage damage + "silence" - "sleep" - "poison" status
    [ Enhancement ]High Mega All Items to Combine Target Effect Silent MindX2 / Recovery FountainX2 / Destruction Demon's Thorn(?)X2 All allies Gives you Bafire, Bacold, Bawater, Bathunder, Encourage and Concentration conditions. Star CourtainX2 / Medicine of Al Bhed(?)X2
    Vital W Items to Combine Target Effect High PotionX2 / XPotionX2 One ally Doubles maximum HP during battle High Potion X Xpotion
    Mega Vital W Items to Combine Target Effect High PotionX2 / XPotionX2 All allies Doubles maximum HP during battle Medicine of Strenght
    High Mega Vital W Items to Combine Target Effect Secret Medicine of StrenghtX2 All allies Doubles maximum HP during battle + Encourage condition
    Mental W Items to Combine Target Effect Ether X Gold Needle One ally Doubles maximum MP during battle
    Mega Mental W Items to Combine Target Effect EtherX2 / Ether TurboX2 All allies Doubles maximum MP during battle Ether X Ether Turbo
    High Mega Mental W Items to Combine Target Effect Medicine of Magical PowerX2 / Secret Medicine of Magical PowerX2 All allies Doubles maximum MP during battle + Concentration condition Ether X Ether Turbo
    Mighty G Items to Combine Target Effect Power MemoryX2 All allies Gives you Shell, Haste and Protect conditions
    Mighty G Super Items to Combine Target Effect Star CourtainX2 All allies Gives you Shell, Regen, Haste and Protect conditions Moon CourtainX2
    Quartet 9 Items to Combine Target Effect Soul of Victory Expert X Demon's Stone of Water One ally Your offensive damage becomes 9999
    Quartet 99 Items to Combine Target Effect Soul of Victory ExpertX2 All allies Your offensive damage becomes 9999
    Crusade Medicine Items to Combine Target Effect Luck Sphere X Demon's Stone of Water All allies You will give critical hits more often
    Hot Spur Items to Combine Target Effect Last ElixirX2 All allies The overdrive gauge fills faster