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Dragon Warrior: SoE

Welcome to my pet F.A.Q. for Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick on BYOND.

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I finally made the switch from a huge list to an easy to use drop down menu. All 17 monsters to this date are there, I am missing pictures and some pictures don't have transparency around them, if anyone can help with that it would be much appreciated. Right now I am too lazy to fill in the locations of the monsters, and I'd much rather go and play the game right now, so just ask me if I'm around where you can find a particular monster for the time being.


Yes that's right, it has been almost a full year since this page got an update, I whipped out my... duster and cleaned this place up a bit, I added all the new monsters that were added just recently. My site never needed to be updated for a year simply because the game itself hasn't really been updated for nearly a year. Time to get crackin', fools. Game is under new managment, more or less, and things are underway in terms of updating again, I'm not gonna go through everything here, it's all explained in the game and I'm sure Xiong's site is still keeping with normal game updates. I will, however, keep you up to date with every detail on pets.

Please note the FAQ is here. Monster stats are below.

NOTE: You WILL be credited if you have any contributions you can make to the site, right now, sprites are what I need, sprites that I lack or sprites that don't have annoying white shit around them (as opposed to transparency, some of my pics have those, others don't) would be much appreciated. Please send any contributions to thanks!