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Note: These are best viewed in IE, these will not play in Netscape/Mozilla without the correct plug-ins. The video will load up automatically, when it is done press play. If it plays choppy, just replay the video when it's done and it should be fine. Other than that, enjoy!



If you are having trouble getting the above video to work, right click Here and choose to "save link target as..". Then you should be able to view it in your Windows Media Player. If this still does not help, just send me a message through the Draquar chapter. Thanks.
If you like these Halo stunts and wish to see them featured on an upcoming Demo Disc of the Official Xbox Magazine, please email (that's best_stunt_ever) with a message such as this: "Dave Rees, please feature Karak's Bang, Bounce, Splat stunt in an upcoming Demo Disc."

We are trying to get atleast 100 e-mails/names collected to present to OXM. So please help out and mail him a message. You can just cut and paste the short statement from above. Also here is a link to the e-mail address. Thanks

Click here to e-mail.
Please note that there are underscores in the e-mail address - best_stunt_ever

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