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Enter the Darkness - Dark World

Dark World decks are one of the decks that simply KILLS off Hand Destruction decks. All of the monsters in the deck have GREAT effects for when they are discarded from the hand to the graveyard. The single most important thing to realize when building this deck is that discarded because of a cost is different than discarded because of an effect. Lightning Vortex, Tribute to the Doomed, Raigeki Break, etc. all require you to discard a card before any effect happens. This is a discard cost. Cards like Graceful Charity and Card Destruction do not require you to discard cards for their effects to happen. Generally (but not always), if a card calls for a discard AFTER an effect has taken place, then it is an effect and NOT a cost.

With that in mind, we cannot build this as a basic recycle deck. Instead, we use effects like Morphing Jar, Card Destruction, and Graceful Charity to gain MASSIVE advantage over the opponent. Dark World decks thrive on a big, game ending move. Though there are cards in the deck that allow you to use the effects of your Dark World monsters separately, the major potential in the deck is when you have two Goldds in your hand and you use Graceful Charity.

Another thing to point out about the Dark World monsters - most of them have secondary effects that only activate when your opponent discards a card from your hand. So if you get hit with a Spirit Reaper, pray that your opponent selects Goldd, because then your opponent will get a nasty surprise.

The monsters used in this deck are kinda random. The only decent Dark World monsters are Goldd, Sillva, Brron, and Broww. Goldd and Sillva are both special summoned to the field when discarded by an effect, which means that with Graceful Charity you can easily get two 2300 attackers on the field. They both have secondary effects though - when Goldd is discarded by your opponent's card effect, you can destroy up to two cards on the field. That's VERY nice, as you can get a potential +3 from a discarded Goldd. Sillva has an effect like it - if it is discarded by your opponent's card effect, you can choose two cards from their hand and return them to the bottom of your deck. One of the Lords is for field control, and one is for hand control. Both are VERY nice monsters to use.

Broww is simply a great card. When discarded by a card effect, you draw one card. Draw engines are always welcome, and when using the effect correctly, it replaces itself in the hand and thins the deck. However, when discarded by your opponent's card effect, you get to draw TWO cards. Though this may not seem like much, Broww can work as a Pot of Greed if your opponent hits it. Regardless of whether the opponent hits it though, it will replace itself, basically negating the negative effects of Dark World Lightning and Graceful Charity.

Brron has one of the most interesting effects in the game. If it wasn't associated with Dark World, you would probably find the effect useless. When Brron deals damage to the opponent, you can choose to discard a card from your hand. Since you choose the card, and since it would be discarded by a card effect, you can discard a Goldd and summon it to the field at no cost. Dark World has incredible swarming potential, and Brron is a very big factor in the deck. However, since there are only 7 Dark World monsters in the deck, only two are mained.

The rest of the monsters call for an interesting build. Flip effects are a major part of our metagame, with Magician of Faith and Dekoichi seeing play in many decks. Night Assailant takes advantage of the number of flips in this deck along with the discard effects of Brron, Lightning, and even Dark Deal. The rest of the Flip Effects are simply decent monsters.

As if that wasn't enough, Dark World has support in various Magic and Trap Cards. Dark World Lightning is a Normal Spell that destroys one set card on the field. Magic, Trap, Monster, it doesn't matter - just one set card. After that, you discard one card from your hand. This is not a cost, it is part of the effect, so it has great synergy with Dark World monsters. Gateway to Dark World is a Quick Play Magic card that revives one Dark World monster in your graveyard. You cannot summon anything that turn (not even Flip Summon), but since it's a Quick Play you can activate it on the opponent's turn.

The Forces of Darkness is a Trap that allows you to bring two Dark World monsters from your graveyard to your hand. No cost, no restriction on level or anything, just brings back two Dark World monsters. Great recursion card - very balanced and very usable. Dark Deal, though it isn't necessarily a Dark World card, forces an opponent's Normal Spell (it HAS to be a Normal Spell) to have the effect "Randomly discard one card from your opponent's hand." This means that you can get the effects of a Dark World monster even if the opponent plays Nobleman of Crossout. This becomes a potential -3 to them, and a potential +3 for you. You can gain MASSIVE advantage with a correctly timed Dark Deal.

That pretty much wraps it up for Dark World. Remember that you need to play Dark World aggressively - the deck has a LOT of swarming potential, and some patience for big combos is required

Monsters - 20 (4 Tribute, 16 Non-Sacrifice)

Magic/Spells - 14

Traps - 6

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This deck was last updated on 6/10/06.