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Team of Venom - Dark Scorpions

Dark Scorpions came about with the release of Don Zaloog back in PGD and Cliff the Trap Remover in MFC, but they got all of their other support in DCR. It's taken me a while to make one of these decks, and some may disagree with my strategy.

Originally I thought that Dark Scorpions were all about getting all five out then abusing their effects with Dark Scorpion Combination to ruin the opponent's strategy. However, Dark Scorpion Combination is VERY overrated. Very rarely will you have all five of the monsters on the field in order to activate it, and even then not all of the effects are gamebreaking.

My version is simply a Dark Scorpion Deck. Warriors that are all part of the same team and have similar effects. The five of them, Don Zaloog, Cliff the Trap Remover, Meanae the Thorn, Gorg the Strong, and Chick the Yellow, all have effects that occur when you deal Battle Damage with a certain monster. Of these, Meanae, Don, and Cliff are the most useful.

Don Zaloog is often welcome in a deck, and here he has some support cards. His effect is simply awesome: Discard a card from the opponent's hand, or discard two cards from the top of the opponent's deck. Though I'm sure you've heard of these praises before. Meanae the Thorn is awesome as well; it either searches for a Dark Scorpion or it brings one back from the Graveyard. This is DEADLY. Meanae can thin your deck by searching for just about any monster in here...and then you can bring her back to your hand if one dies. Cliff the Trap Remover has a similar effect as Don, except that instead of Hand-Depletion it destroys a m/t. Chick bounces a card to the hand or it checks the opponent's next draw and places the card at the top or bottom of the deck, while Gorg bounces one monster to the top of the deck or discards one card from the top of the deck. Gorg isn't going to be used in here though, we're gonna just use the Tomatoable Scorpions ;-)

Mustering of the Dark Scorpions is on the slightly useless side. You can get some nice swarming capabilities, and with Meanae your hand will most likely be high. However, it's an awful topdeck, and does nothing if the opponent has a monster you can't get rid of. It's not going in here. Ignore Warrior support too, outside of Reinforcement of the Army. Meanae serves as a Reinforcement of the Army and a Warrior Returning Alive...and there isn't any other Warrior support you need.

Now, to the meat of this deck. Mystic Tomato, Newdoria, and Dark Jeroid all help this deck immensely. All can be searched with Tomato, and Newdoria serves as great monster removal. Dark Jeroid has amazing synergy with the Dark Scorpions; by lowering the attack of a monster by 800 points, you allow just about any Dark Scorpion to take it down AND use its effect. That Breaker becomes Don Zaloog bait. Jeroid also targets, making it a nice Reaper killer.

Outside of that, you're gonna want to pack a LOT of surprises. Dark Scorpions rely on the opponent using weak monsters in order to get their effects off, so you're going to want to weaken the opponent's monsters or power your monsters up. Mirror Wall and Rush Recklessly work wonders here - they attack one of your Scorpions, you can power yours up or weaken theirs to get your effect off. Surprises are a MUST in these decks, otherwise you'll need to pack a lot of removal (which is also being put in here).

This deck should have so many surprises that you should be able to bluff the opponent like no tomorrow. Psychology plays a large part in playing a Dark Scorpion deck, along with the speed and field presence that are necessary for a successful deck.

Monsters - 18 (0 Tribute, 18 Non-Sacrifice)

Magic/Spells - 15

Traps - 7

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This deck was last updated on 6/6/06.