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Hey ppl my name is david and this my half of the site. This is also my first time using "html" format so please forgive me if the site is cheezy. Also I will have some neet pictures along with some other stuff. Fell free to use this stuff, but DO NOT say this stuff was yours, because its mine, and the site is copywrited, and if you violate this rule I will have little grimlins attack you ... CHARGE, no I am just kidding, but seriously it IS copywrighted. So please enjoy
David B.

Some links

Umm... HELP... PLEASE!!!!
Halo 2 Official Web Site
Night Mare Armor (really cool)
Dave's Site (a really big help when you are making an html website)

Some Songs I Like

Linkin Park Background song

A cool music video by linkin park (you have to hit the play button for it to play)

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