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Pic N/A

Real Name: Charles Kim
Game Nick: #dw | jiN^
Working Email Address:
ICQ Number: N/A
Location (city/state): Fremont,California
Age: 14
Personal Webpage: N/A
Occupation: School
Favorite CS Map: any
Favorite CS Weapon: ak-47
Least Favorite Map: all the fun maps

Likes: cs, computer games, eating, sleeping, b-ball
Dislikes: mom telling me to get off the computer when i just got on it
Favorite Saying: AWW FUK
System/CPU Speed: Intel P4
RAM (Amount/Type):512 MB
Video Card: GeForce 2 MX400
CS Screen Size/AVG FPS: 800 x 600 ~ 90-100 fps
Sound Card: dont know =X
Headset/Mic: Labtec
Monitor: 15' CORNEA flat screen
Mouse: Microsoft Optical Mouse
Connection Type/Speed: Cable
Storage/HD: 88 GB
Personal info (Hobbies etc.)