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Information about Da Mafia, its battles and more

For those of you wondering who Da Mafia is let me tell you. First things first. Do you have an xbox? If so, do you play unreal online? Yes you say? Alright then you may have seen one ore two people with DM infront of their name. Yes you say? Well then I am sure you may want to know what DM stands for and a little about us. About a month ago Drew and a few friends were comtemplating starting up a clan. They got stuck on Mafia but since so many people already had T's at the begining of thier clan name desided on Da Mafia . Enough of this boring shit lets get on to the fun stuff.

If you are interested in knowing who the members of the clan are So you can keep an eye out for them, here are the names as follows.

If you are a member and you dont see your name dont freak out it should be up within the week.

If you are interested in trying out for the clan you can either add Never More (DM Drew) to your friend list and talk to him about setting up a tryout or click the link below.

Contact the leaderget this gear!

The current upcoming battles are as follows.

If you would like your clan to be on the list of battles please click the link above or Add Never More to you friend list and talk to him.

Rules For DM Members are as follows...

Practice times. Be there!