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Main Secrets and Side Quests

Release History Japan US
PlayStation November 18, 1999 August 16, 2000
PSX - Greatest Hits Series N/A August 22, 2001
PSX - Millennium Collection November 30, 2000 N/A
PSX - PSOne Books Series Early 2002 N/A

It was summer of 1999. Chrono Trigger fans had by now, practically given up all hope for a sequel to their beloved game. And then word came that Square had announced Chrono Cross. The fans were pleased, to put it mildly. Most, anyway... the other fans were appalled at the fact that the new game had a different artist than before (Nobuteru Yuuki), different characters, and was in Final Fantasy 8 style (polygon characters over pre-rendered background), as opposed to the 2D graphics of CT. Looking at the first screens and artwork, many felt they were in for a huge disappointment when the game was to be released. Of course, those specific fans, the ones that have played the game anyway, are feeling mighty stupid.

I admit that I myself was one of those nay-sayers for quite awhile there. After learning another tidbit, skepticism increased. That being the fact that Chrono Cross' plot was to be based on a little known game Square released years ago for the Super Famicom Satellaview service in Japan, called Radical Dreamers. The story of Radical Dreamers centered around Serge, Kid, and Yamaneko/Lynx, and a treasure called the Frozen Flame, just like Chrono Cross' plot does. Perhaps if people played RD and then CC, originality would be lost in the story, but for those that didn't, it wouldn't affect them. In the end, Chrono Cross was released, to those eagerly awaiting it and skeptics alike, and it lived up to the first game. With beautiful graphics, great character design, an intriguing plot, and a fun and innovative battle system, Chrono Cross truly does live up to its predecessor.

Chrono Cross was promoted to Greatest Hits status at the end of August, 2001. It earned a $20 price tag and ugly lime green GH packaging in this move. In the later part of February, 2002 it had a similar re-release in Japan, under the PSOne Books series.


Chrono Cross Secrets and Side Quests


Secret How to achieve it
Recruit Poshul early
poshul.gif (6003 bytes)
After Serge wakes up from his dreams (the dream world during the beginning intro of the game) go to the restaurant of Arni village. Go inside the room to the right. Check the bed and Serge will find Heckran bone. Left of the village is Radius' training ground. You will find Poshul running around near the back. Give the Heckran bone to Poshul to recruit her.
Dragon feeding
viper_manor.jpg (7686 bytes)
10 times: Knee Pad
20 times: Bronze Helmet
30 times: Bronze Mail
40 times: Recover All
100 times: Iron Vest

It is almost impossible to feed 100 dragons. Especially without the New Game+ mode. For easier time feeding all 100 dragons press the L2 button to feed the dragons in slow motion using the New Game+ mode.

Compass game 10,000: Rainbow Shell Denadorite after
5,000 - 9,950: Mythril
1,000 - 4,950: Iron
500 - 950: Bone

While the compass is spinning pause the game until the needle is pointing a bit past south. Unpause and press the confirm button to win.

Forging Rainbow items After the Song of Marbule side quest return to Marbule(Home World). Find a man in the back cave of Marbule who will sell you the Master Hammer.

With the Master Hammer you bought from the man in Marbule return to Termina(Another World) with Zappa in your party. Talk to the Zappa of Another World and they will begin to forge rainbow weapons and armors. Rainbow items are the strongest type of materials available for all sorts of weapons and armors.

Obtaining and using the Chrono Cross The Chrono Cross can be used both as an element or a key item. To get Chrono Cross go to the Divine Dragon Falls located near the Arni Village. Divine Dragon is not pin pointed on the world map. You must approach the waterfall right of the Fossil Valley and press the confirm button to enter.

You need the Tear of Love and Hate to get the Chrono Cross. Once you have both items place them on the pedestals inside the Divine Dragon Falls. This must be done later in the game and you won't be able to obtain the Chrono Cross if you attempted this too early.

Chrono Cross can be used in two ways. Chrono Cross can be used as a key item to bring back your characters from your other games in a New Game+ mode or it can be used as an element to free Schala and watch one of the endings of Chrono Cross.

When in Terra Tower you will encounter a room where there are many huge crystals with colors of each elements. The crystals will play a melody. You must play this melody using different elements and then use the Chrono Cross as an element during the boss battle to free Schala. Order of the elements you must use are,

Yellow - Green - Red - Black - White - Blue - Chrono Cross

To use the Chrono Cross as a key item go to Sprigg's Dimension from Hydra Marshes(Home World) and use the Chrono Cross inside Sprigg's house to bring back the characters from your previous games (can only be done in New Game+ mode).

Chrono Cross can also be used to replenish/recharge your elements in battle.

Getting the Mastermune Mastermune is Serge's most powerful weapon. Although the Spectra Swallow has higher power than the Mastermune it can perform critical hits almost every time it is used, making it far more deadly than the Spectra Swallow.

To get the Mastermune you must complete the Dario side quest. After defeating Dario, Masa and Mune will awake and realize they have done something horrible and forge with Serge's Sea Swallow to become the Mastermune.

Locker combination in Chronopolis
chronopolis.jpg (10457 bytes)
To open the locker in Chronopolis try the combinations below.

First hatch on left open and rest closed: 16
Second hatch open and rest closed: 08
Third hatch open and rest closed: 04
Fourth hatch open and rest closed: 02
Right most hatch opened and rest closed: 01
Everything closed: 00

New Game+/Recruit all characters After you've beaten the game once it will give you a new option. New Game+.

Save the game after the credits. If you load the saved game you will be brought to a new screen where New Game is changed to New Game+ and Continue is changed to Continue+. Using the New Game+ mode you will start your game with all of your previously earned stars and all of your elements. Only thing missing will be the key items and summon elements.

To bring back your characters from previous games go to Sprigg's home in the Dimensional Vortex with Chrono Cross. When you enter Sprigg's home the Chrono Cross will react to something and your characters from previous games will be brought into your game.




Side Quest How to achieve it
Song of Marbule Before you obtain the Black Relic from the Black Dragon have Fargo of Another World meet the Fargo of the Home World on S.S. Zelbess. The two Fargo's will talk for a minuite and Fargo of Home World will agree to Nikki's concert in Marbule. Fargo will break the seal of Invincible to help the upcoming battles.

S.S. Zelbess and Nikki's ship will make their way to Marbule. Soon Nikki's concert will begin. It's your job to eliminate every monster you find in Marbule once Nikki's concert is over. When all of the monsters in Marbule has been defeated you will hear a roar. Exit Marbule after hearing the roar.

After you've done all of the above re-enter Marbule and go inside the back cave to buy Master Hammer from one of the men there. You can then have Zappa of both worlds meet in Zappa's blacksmith in Termina (Another World) to forge prism (rainbow) weapons and armors.

Criosphinx's riddles
After defeating the Earth Dragon God go to Earth Dragon Isle (Another World). Inside the cave where you found the Earth Dragon God, you will find Criosphinx. Criosphinx's battle style is very different from any other battles you've fought before.

You can choose to fight Criosphinx in two different ways. You can choose to answer Criosphinx's riddles or you can choose to defeat him by force. To answer Criosphinx's riddles have all of your characters defend the first round.

Answering Criosphinx's six riddles
You will be answering Criosphinx's riddles by using appropriate elements. Which element you use does not matter. Appropriate type (color) of element is the only thing that matters when answering the questions. You will not be able to defeat Criosphinx by force when you've defended your first round.

Defeating Criosphinx by force
Attack Criosphinx during your first round. Criosphinx will attempt to eliminate your party by casting number of strong yellow elements in a row. You will most likely to be eliminated after Criosphinx's first wave of attacks. However if you were strong enough you can survive the first round. Equipping yellow plate to one of your green innate character and casting Magnegate on the other characters before attacking Criosphinx is recommended.

Either way, Criosphinx is not easy to beat. You might want to wait until New Game+ to defeat Criosphinx by force. You will receive Sunglasses if you defeat Criosphinx by force. Sunglasses will raise the power of all types of attacks.

Dario's death
When you enter the room which was previously blocked by a large robot earlier in the game in Viper Manor (right side of where you met Harle for the first time) you will find a treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest is a letter left by Solt and Peppor (open it from behind). Solt and Peppor have taken the item inside the treasure chest and are waiting on Isle of Damned.

With Karsh in your party go to the Isle of Damned. Make you way to where you fought Garai. You will encounter Solt and Peppor. Solt and Peppor will tell Karsh that they think it was Karsh who was responsible for Dario's death. Solt and Peppor will then attack you. You can steal the Forget-Me-Not-Pod from Peppor, you might want it if you missed it earlier at Chronopolis.

After the battle Solt and Pepppor will apologize and Karsh will have a short vision of what really happened in the past. As an apology Solt and Peppor will give back MementoPendant they took from the treasure chest in Viper Manor.

Dario and the Masamune After you have the MementoPendant from Solt and Peppor at Isle of Damned visit the Forbidden Island (Home World) located near the Isle of Damned and Hermit's Hideway. Talk to Dario in the small house with Riddle in your party. If you have the MementoPendant Dario will recognize Riddel.

Suddenly Mastermune will appear and Dario will attack you. Fighting Dario can be very hard task but he can be defeated without the New Game+ mode.

After your victory against Dario, the Masamune will wake up and realize they've done something horrible while asleep. Masamune will merge with Serge's Sea Swallow to become a Mastermune. Riddel receives her Lv.7 tech skill after the battle.

Glenn's second Einlanzer can now be obtained by going to Termina (Another World). Check the Einlanzer located where you first met Glenn and gave him the Bellflower


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