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The site for all things cube

Welcome to the CuBe educational site! (Webmaster swiftdeath-ebuc and AllInAGame). Due to the increasing popularity of the strategy "cubing", I have decided to throw this website togethor while my modem is not working.

As you will notice this website is thrown together and is really shitty plz dont complain im doing this for you bitches, be thankful.

This site only has 3 sections; section one teaches you how to cube, and section 2 contains cubing replays for those that are more visual learners, and the third section contains a list of build orders donated by members of cube. If you have a build order, tell me or AllInAGame and, if we deem it worthy, we'll post it.

First lets say cubing is basically just 4 players using 12 heroes, 3 players using 9 heroes, or 2 players using 6 heroes and towers to defend an expansion with a cube made out of towers.

section 1: How to cube

Cubing, hard as it sounds, is a relatively simple strategy that can be described as hero micro around towers. Though relatively simple to describe, cubing is very hard to pull off. This how to guide is more of tips and tricks for cubing. Here are things for beginners to remember about a cube.

1. Its recomended that when you cube you use a human player to build the towers because human towers are the strongest. They have upgrades on there armor and human players have cannon towers, which is the only way to stop siege tanks.
2. Strong heroes are the real defense of the towers, human towers die to a lot of things, however with strong heroes helping out towers can fight literally anything, so its important to creep really fast before retreating to the defense of the cube. often if heroes are not strong enough then the towers can be overpowered.
3. Blizzard is your only defense against siege. Without your Archmage you are vulnerable to anything with more range than towers, so its common place to put all items that enhance heroes defenses (like agility for armor or strength for health) and whatever you pick up on the archmage. Other item distribution may vary. Usually the paladin is the second most protected hero. Lich's always get all intelligence and mana potions and other items go where needed.
4. The true skill in my opinion behind the cube is syncronization because anyone can nuke, however what takes skill is the ability to syncronize 3 nukes with two allies in order to kill something very quickly. The undead nukes is the basis of the unitless cube.
5. A cube involving one or more undead players and one or more human players is called a "unitless cube" mainly because gyrocopters are not needed to defend from air because undead nukes can do the job. However, part of cubing is being very good at improvising and, as needed, units are aloud. VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: you have priests for dispeling anti magic shield, you have banshees for using anti magic shield if your getting outnuked, you have mortar teams for clearing lumber and for using flare, you have shades so that you can better see your opponents and so you can mass tp. Its important to improvise when necessary When cubing be creative. Give any ideas to me (swiftdeath-ebuc) or AllInAGame and maybe one of us will post them somewhere.
6. Before a cube is completed many things can be done in order to help ensure victory. Here are a few I've found are smart: always get some defenses. If your base falls before all 3 heroes are out or before units acolytes/peasants are out, then the cube is basically dead before it starts. You have to be able to take a rush. Getting some shades before the cube is up is always smart because it usually costs more to build them after the cube is built. A human player should always upgrade level 3 fortified armor and flare. These can be very usefull later on in the cube. Last but not least some cubes can last until whatever map your on runs out of gold. Because of this, both sides, the offense and the defense, are oftentimes being starved. Games have ended where both sides are completely broke. Because of the starvation of both sides its usually a good idea for the undead player to fast expand. Every amount of gold that you get out of every mine is gold that your opponent doesn't get. Also important to remember is that creeps give gold and every creep you get is experience and gold your opponent doesnt get. Oftentimes one creep can make the difference between winning and losing, so its important to get every single one.
7. VERY IMPORTANT! POSSIBLY THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF CUBING!! NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, GO INTO LOW OR HIGH UPKEEP! This mean that at no point in the game should you get more than 40 supply units. When you stay under 40 supply, you get 10 gold with every 10 out of the mine. If you watch some of the replays, you'll notice that the opponents that go into low or high upkeep for long period of time end up losing up to 20,000 gold to upkeep. That's a lot of gold to lose. This is one of the advantages the cuber has over his attacker.

If you dont have a clue how to cube after being given these tips, you're probably retarded.

Note: there is a cube done by Clan Holy involving all human players and no undead player. This cube works but it sometimes requires gyrocopters because it doesnt have swarm and nova to fight off air. It also has less nuking capability, no unholy aura, and no sleep.

Undead Cube: 1 hu player, abuses nukes more, relys on towers less, weak to am death, no paladin heal
Human Cube: no way to fight mass air except gyros, shitty ults, relys on towers more, less nuking capability, all human players

Section 2: Replays

have a replay? submit it to me camsheldon182 on aim and as email, plz dont gimme a noob replay. please enclose a description with all replays, im to lazy to watch it so if u think it might not be good enough then dont submit it. Most of the replays on this site are of me(swiftdeath) and allinagame mostly because we are the webmasters and partially because we are the best cubers.

Replay 1: this is a 2's cube with allinagame and me. We get lax in a couple of places. Not our best game for sure, but this cube has all of the elements of a good cube and is a good example for those that are new to the basic idea of a cube. This game is really long and our heroes at the end are all around level 9. Note dialogue; cooperation is more important in 2's cubes than in 3's cubes.
Download Modest Cube

Replay 2: Cube Replay with ObSoLeetH, Darbysue, and Prof. Parsons. This replay shows us versing 3 orc that get tri FS (triple EQ) this replays shows some ways how to counter EarthQuake (take note on how we cube).
Download Triple Earthquake

Replay 3: one word description of this game WOW this is one hell of a game gosu micro on both sides golems proves once again to be a map of miracles. In this cube there is probably the biggest comeback i have ever seen the cube is destroyed and resurected all the while under fire allina trying to revive a hero and i prove why my name is swiftdeath acheiving Apm rate of 100+ this is a must see expecially the beggining
Download Early Struggle

Replay 4: oftentimes im asked several questions and im not sure exactly how to answer them. The first question this replay answers is "why do human players have to cube?" and this is painfully obvious from this replay. The second question i dont have an answer for is "do you and allina ever lose?" and of course on rare occasions newbies get lucky and we just cant fix things . Im not going to say these jews hacked but they are lucky lucky mother fuckers and i think we deserved this game even though we didnt get it.
download undead cube

if this website does not look right its because your not looking at it in the same browser as everyone else, i recomend you kill yourself.