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Underused Deck Themes

This is the underused theme site. Everyone's been bugging me to put themes that nobody would ever think of, and I don't feel like taking up space on my main page, so I'm using my former card of the day site for the underused themes. These are loads of fun to play with, though I'd stick to casual duels with most of these decks.

If you want to contact me, you can still e-mail me at


Inferno Deck
Sealmaster Meisei Deck
Sphinx Deck


This website was created on April 16, 2005 (4/16/05). While I don't mind people using these decks for reference, or hell, even using the exact thing, I will NOT stand for people claiming "OMG I MADE THIS DECK MYSELF YOU STOLE IT FROM ME!!!" If I use anyone's deck on here, I have obtained their permission, and they are mentioned on the deck page. Thank you for your cooperation.