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Welcome To My Mugen Page!

My Favorite things about Angelfire.

My Favorite Web Sites

Characters (Sorry, nothing here for now)
Mugen Fighters Guild (Great Mugen Web site)
Elecbyte (Mugen Official Web Site)
My online Mugen screenshots

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! It's currently under construction. Updates: 11/1/2012 It's the year 2012. Many things have happened throughout these years. Anyway, I wish all you readers out there A very Happy New Year 2012. All downloads have expired and therefore, the only place available for now is the Mugen screenshot page. 9/11/2003 Dizzy from GGX is now available temporarily at my site! Go to my Mugen page to download her! ^_^ 9/11/2003 Park Shio (The Edited Sportsman Iori) is now available at my site! Go to my Mugen page to download him! ^_^