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Completed Games:

Dodgeball! -My first game, a maze game. Simple gameplay, and addicting concept, according to people who have played it.

Incomplete Games

Adventure - A platform game, based off of the physics of the Game Maker example.
Dodgeball V2 -A sequel to my first game, Dodgeball. Gameplay is a little different, and many new types of items are introduced.
Warp and Byte -One of my main projects at the moment, Warp and Byte combines breakout-type mechanics and platforming gameplay into one. Choose between one of two Kirbies, and help them get back to their city!
Simple -My other main project at the moment, Simple, is simple. Each sprite is only a 16x16 pixel sprite, which are different colors for different objects. In the game, control the green and blue blocks to the red and orange blocks, to get to the next level. This game mixes platforming with maze-type gaming.