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The Chess Odyssey 2005 Holiday Chess Camp
December 27-29, 2005

Evergreen Presbyterian Church, Beaverton OR
Corner of Hart Rd. and Hall Blvd.

"How To Choose A Chess Move"

Strong chess players play good moves---move after move, game after game. This is a 
simple truth, but one that is exceptionally hard to execute because of the massive complexity 
of the game. When choosing a move, a player often has to select from 25 or more 
possibilities, a monumental task even for the best players in the world. And yet, masters are 
able to select strong moves faster, more confidently and often with less calculation than less 
experienced players. The 2005 Holiday Chess Camp will explore the techniques, tricks and 
shortcuts masters use to make this possible. The focus will be on practical solutions to the 
problem of move selection that students can use in their very next game.

The camp day runs from 9:00-3:00, and includes group lessons, small group coaching, a 
variety of specially designed learning exercises, and both formal and recreational play. 
Students should bring a lunch and snacks for morning and afternoon breaks. Boards 
and sets and all study materials are provided. If you have questions, or need further 
information, contact Chess Master Pete Prochaska at or

Evergreen Presbyterian Church is located at the corner of Hart Road and Hall Blvd in 
Beaverton, Oregon
Open to students from 6-19 who are excited about playing chess, and 
about learning chess strategy.
Students are divided into study/play groups based on their age & 
experience. While the overall theme of the camp will be the same for each section, the 
specific course content will be adapted to be appropriate for each group of students. Our 
student/instructor ratio is typically under 1:10.
Cost is $100. There is a 10% discount for multiple campers from the same family. Please make your check out to Chess Odyssey and mail it to our address below, or, after Dec. 20, bring it with you to the first day of camp.

--Click here for online registration--

You may also register by mail by sending us your 
name, age, years playing chess and rating if a you are a member of the US Chess 
Federation.  The camp is limited to 40 students, and is likely to fill up, so register ASAP.

Chess Odyssey
2373 NW 185th, #261
Hillsboro, Oregon  97124

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