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5.16.04 : ZShadow

Well I decided to finally update and uploaded the next 5 comics. So on Tuesday, there will be 5 more. =D Happy waiting.
4.2.04 : ZShadow

Ok so since my vacation just started I decide to start out small. And by small I mean REALLY small. All I did was added a "Credit" Link on the bottom that gives credit to all people that I used ripped sprites from.
1.29.04 : ZShadow

Ok so yesterday I didn't have school because of "false" snow day. The weather man was wrong =) but I still got off the hook,so then I decided to spend the day at my friend's house with another one who slepted over at my house because he had no way to reach home at night because of the snow so we went in an all out game that is "similar" to a pillow fight. Sure it was fun and all but it just got too dark too fast. So today I was sad that I had to go back to school so I decided to make up for yesterday and post up a new comic.So Go and enjoy.
1.26.04 : ZShadow

Ok yesterday I spent about 6 hours out in the freezing cold so I wasn't in the best mood.Today I started to put up the second saga and uploaded all updated chapter downloads. That's all for today.
1.24.04 : ZShadow

Ok so I was searching around oh say within the range of 1-2 miles today in the morning's freezing cold so I didn't feel like doing much of an update.All I did was just redo comic number 25 and that's it as well as adding two more comics to the redo list.Well enjoy. EDIT : Ok so it's like 10:30 PM here and after resting and being warmed up I decided to finish the entire REDO list and will begin Season 2 of Capital Z on monday.

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