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BioHazzard 3


Storyline---With Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield being the survivors from the mansion incident the S.T.A.R.S team was able to report everything about the hidden lab in the Arkley Forrest. But no one believed them. Soon after that, the trouble began. With the virus from the lab spreading out over all Raccoon City and surroundings. The Raccoon Police Department just recently added a rookie cop to the Raccoon City devision. Leon was on the way to his new job as he stumbled over flesheating zombies. First day in the job and everything will last on him, since no other police officer is left... On the other side, Claire is searching for her lost brother Chris who most likely is somewhere in Europe. Her hopes led her to Raccoon City, because that was the point where they last met each other. Instead of clues on Chris' dissapereance, Claire just found a totally messed up Raccoon City with tons of ugly monsters and mutations... Soon both characters team up to get out of this horror. Their first priority now is to stay alive...