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BioHazzard 1 (REmake)

Capcom announced an exclusive deal with Nintendo in September 2001. A remake of the first Resident Evil will be released on GameCube, aswell as RE Zero for GameCube and not to forget Resident Evil 4 and the rest of the franchise excluding the Gun Survivor titles. The fans for one side hated Capcom's decission to go from Sony to Nintendo, but in the end every RE fan bought the Cube and was playing the Remake. The Remake was released exactly six years after the release of the original Resident Evil. Release Dates: Japan 22nd March 2002 | US: June 2002 | PAL: September 2002 Reident Evil 1 REmake is the exact same game as Resident Evil 1 Classic (including characters).It just has 10x better graphics.