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BioHazzard 1 (Classic)


Storyline---Raccoon City was a business flourishing city in the american mid-west. The world's leading developer of medic and healthcare Umbrella Co. Ltd. is responsible for the growing industries in the city. 1998, July... By the dense of the Raccoon Forest and the Arkley Mountains surrounding it, newspapers reported attacks on people by so called "dog-like" creatures. The dead body of a female hiker was found near a river. On official side It was said that she most likely was killed by a grizzly or a wolf. The Raccoon City mayor sent in the Special tactics and resque squad (S.T.A.R.S.) to investigate the Arkley territory and the surrounding locations. Soon after the Bravo team was sent in the Raccoon Police Department lost contact... The S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team was sent in the next day to search for the Bravo team, but all they found was their crashed helicopter, and the dead body of the helicopter pilot. And soon the Alpha team found out what killed their compatriot and they had to escape into a nearby mansion. Now the only thing they could do was to try to stay alive and find out more about the mysteries that had caused this mess.