Danielle Tocci

The thought of you puts a smile on my face
Thinking of you with all your style and grace
I wish I could tell you how i feel to your face
What im saying right now is for real
these feelings, i cannot conceal
your so incredibly sweet
I hate it when guys treat you like a piece of meat
your an amazing person to me
And i just wish i could make you see
I like you for you and not your body
but i dont mind if your a little naughty
I know i smoke too much weed
but for you i'd drop it like a farmer drops seeds
to you i'd give you the world cuz you deserve it
for you i'd climb to mt. everest's summit
I'm gonna truely miss you when u move
and my feelings for you, i'd do anything to prove
your always cheering me up, when im sad
and sayin funny things to make me glad
you care about me more than anyone i know
and im not just writing this for a blow just so u know
I love your personality
and thats just reality
to hold your hand would be heartfelt
the thought of you danielle makes my heart melt.
Your perfect in every way shape and form
and the longing to be with you makes my heart torn
I know im not the best looking or hot
but i'd treat you like a godess, i kid you not
if you want to just be friends ill understand
but i still hope, you'll take my hand
I'll respect your decision to just be friends
if thats your choice, it all depends
im telling you in this poem
cuz i have feelings and its hard to show em'
and so i leave it up to you
this poems is so very true.
I love you danielle and this is I really mean
But im just another teen with a dream
and thats to be with you
i know this is out of the blue
but these feelings are true
either way ill be happy
lol this poems kinda sappy
is it friend or more?
with you baby my heart would soar
All i could wish for is one chance,
but not to get into ur pants
to get into your heart
cuz thats all i really want.

The end

i luv ya danielle

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