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Welcome to the brand new cave contest! You are to create a cave using Neopets cavemaker and once you work out all the details and bugs, neomail _azn_angel_babe_ with a description of your cave. The next contest begins once we have 20 active members. The prize: 1000np for the best, most original cave that is possible to pass yet tough! This contest will be once every two weeks until I have enough time to run this contest every week. The deadline will be Thursday before the contest ends! Good luck!

The current contest starts: once we get 20 members, so refer, refer, refer!

Current prize: 1000nps!
Last Winner: nobody

The Rules!
Read the rules before you neomail me your cave!
If you're bored why not try out some caves I made myself!

How to play:
-Open the game in a window.
-When the game is done loading click on Load User...
-Type in the username below the levels you wish to try
-Take a good look at the map that appears before playing. (Helps you!)

Level 1- Mountain of Boulders chomby_lover36254
Level 2- Swarm of Arrows _azn_angel_gurl_
Level 3- Metal Valley snowy_kissmas_angel6
Level 4- City of Atlantis so_in_luv_wit_some1
Level 5- Dynamite Mania beautiful_dreamer362
Level 6- Sloth's Hideout _azn_angel_babe_