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Gridish's Amazing Island Monsters

Here are a few of my (better and more interesting) creations from Amazing Island. Sorry about the graininess, I have no direct video line into my computer so I have to use my digital camera.

Chronos was simply invented out of my desire to use a transparent sphere as a head. I painted a lot of tech-looking designs on the body. Of course I gave him a robotic voice.

Cool Spot is the old 7-up mascot. He's appeared in a number of games in the 8 and 16-bit era, most of which were actually really good. This came out of my desire to experiment with the very-thin inflate setting.

Inkspot is my first experimentation with the very-thin inflate setting. At first he was just going to be a gigantic question mark with the period part being on the chest and the top curvy part being on the head but it didn't look right so I added the exclamation points for arms and legs and it works fine now.

Probably my personal favorite. Kool-Aid Man of course is from the Kool-Aid commercial advertisments. After I unlocked the glass-bowl sphere in the game it seemed to remind me of this mascot. It took me 5 times to get the arms looking right but it was worth it. For the face I simply painted it on underneath the glass... it gives his face a cool "wavy-behind-glass" look.

Looks can be deceiving... there's actually more to Thanatos than an eye and three spheres. I had to draw two tiny spheres for the frame on the legs and one on the head so I'd have something to mount the balls to (so there's actually balls inside of the balls you can see.). The eye is attached to the upper ball which the computer thinks is the head... I just positioned it WAY down. One of my first monsters with floating mechanisms.

This one's named Cuisinart. I made this after someone in the forums for Amazing Island claimed it would be impossible to make a toaster. You can't really see it in the pic, but there's toast sticking out of the slots too!

You know it had to come sooner or later! The balrog as featured in the first LotR film! After I unlocked the sword and the flame particle effects, I took it as a sign that this must be made. Still trying to figure out something better to use as the whip.

I'm sure there's some Pikmin fanboys (girls?) out there. Pikmin 2 is coming out soon so I thought I'd do this as sort of a tribute. If I get enough requests I'll do the red and blue ones too!

I wanted to do something different. Welcome Daisy to my portfolio. Daisy is a gigantic flower, plain and simple. I thought about using the tongue as the petals but it turned out too flimsy. I like these better anyway.

Buckethead is my favorite guitarist. I'm not really fond of his GnR stuff, but his solo stuff rocks. He wears a kabuki mask on his face and a KFC bucket on his head.

The Mage is actually pretty simple. The basic idea was to create something that would use the witches hat. The band of the hat didn't fit the color scheme so I threw a green donut around it.

Charles the Turnip! For some reason or another, somebody thought it would be impossible to make a turnip. So I made one.

David the Gnome is actually a cross between two gnomes. David the Gnome, of course, and my garden gnome who's named Sparky. I took the most gnome-like elements of both and combined them.

Kirby. Seems like everyone and their brother is requesting me to make Kirby. Well, here ya go! I made him floating on his star ala Kirby's Air Ride.