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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

A review by Adam Barron

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is a great game, and I believe, one of the best in the Zelda series. As always with the Zelda series, The Wind Waker has great music, graphics and plenty of weapons and gadgets at your disposal. The dugeons however are lesser than those in the previous Zelda games. However they are still packed with plenty of challenges and puzzles to conquer. In my opinion it isn't as good as OOT or MM, but a great game none the less.

The Zelda series has never been big on plot or story, but The Wind Waker has a pretty good one compared to the previous Zeldas. The Wind Waker takes place thousands of years after OOT, and thousands of feet above Hyrule, so there is plenty of refrences to the previous games, even in the opening. A normal boy named Link is awakened under the hot sun by his little sister Aryll, only to realize it's his birthday. Later on in the day, dressed in the island's traditional Hero's Outfit, Aryll is captured by a giant bird being chased by pirates. After some help from the island's swordsman Orca, and his dear old grandma, Link sets out to rescue his sister and embarks on a journey like no other. The story from here on out is quite linear with a few twists, but it is still the best story in the Zelda series.

The music in this Zelda is quite good. Not as good as some of the eariler games, but still quite good. The music ranges from cheerful island tunes, adventurous tunes while sailing the Great Sea, and dark dungeon and boss themes. The music it seems, always reflects the look of the area and greatly contributes to the mood. Some of my favorite themes from the game are the Dragon Roost Island theme and the Great Sea theme. And as always there's some nice tunes that you can play with your Wind Waker, which I will explain later.Check the bottom of the page for Outset Island's and The Great Sea's Theme!

The graphics in this game are awesome! I don't care who thinks what, but for all you idiots who think the graphics are gay or stupid I'll let you know that The Wind Waker won the NP Award for Best Graphics as voted on by fans. (Sorry just had to get that off my chest.) The graphics like I just said are great. The Cel-Shaded technique was a nice escape from the same graphics used in 80% of all the other games, not just Zelda. It allowed Link and the other cast of characters to convey a wide variety of emotions and actions. It also seemed to make everything more animated and lively, especially the bosses. The special effects for the explosions were also very cool, the way the smoke rose in layers. The movement of the wind and the waves were also very well done. All in all, I love these graphics.

The overworld is very, very different than the previous Zelda's. Rather than being on one huge field, Link must sail from point to point over the vast Great Sea in his talking boat The King of Red Lions. This can be very boring and tedious especially when sailing over long distances or through an area with many enemies.

The gameplay is very fun and easy to learn. Following up on OOT and MM uses L-Targeting (formerly known as Z-Targeting), which makes things much easier when fighting multiple enemies or bosses. It also makes things very easy when aiming with items such as the Bow or the Boomerang. Link also has many new abilties such as sidling across ledges, the abilty to hide inside barrels and the option to save up to three pictures you have taken.Link also has a number of new weapons and gadgets to use such as the Deku Leaf, which allows link to float in the air while using Magic Power. He also gets the Grappling Hook, which Link can use to steal items from enemies or swing from place to place. The most important new item however is the Wind Waker. The Wind Waker allows Link to control the wind, which is a crucial factor to get from point A to point B. It also has other functions which are revealed later in the game.

Another item I would like to mention is the Tingle Tuner. If you have a GBA and a GBA/GC Connector, you can call up Tingle for many useful abilites. The most commonly used item is the Tingle Bomb which allows you to blow up nearby objects or uncover valuble secrets. Two other usful abilites are the Tingle Shield and the Tingle Balloon. The Tingle Shield makes you impervious to attacks for a set amount of time, and the Tingle Balloon lets you walk on air for a limited time. Both are great for uncovering secrets. Tingle can also sell you bombs, arrows, or potions when ever you are low on supplies. By using Tingle this game becomes that much easier!

If the above review doesn't convince you I should let the fans try. The Wind Waker won 13 NP Awards including Best Overall Game, Best Gamecube Game, Best Music, Best Graphics and ten others voted on by fans around the world. It is a great game that I would suggest to anyone, even newcomers to the series, since this is a good place to start!

Graphics: 8.5/10
Sound: 8/10
Control: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Adam's Rating: 9/10

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