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Mario Kart:Super Circut

A review by Adam Barron

Mario Kart: Super Circut, in my opinion is the best Mario Kart game of all time. There's so much stuff to do in this game that you will have your eyes glued to the screen for hours. It has plenty of awesome tracks, three difficulty levels, excellent graphics for the GBA, good music (not great), and fun multiplayer. It also contains all 20 tracks from the original Super Mario Kart, which adds more fun and gameplay hours.

The gameplay in this game is near perfect. It has perfect control, 40 tracks, and four different game modes. Like I said the control is perfect, maybe a little too perfect, as you can take hairpin turns with the slightest of ease. In this case however it adds to the fun high speed gameplay. The game also has eight classic Nintendo characters all with their own sets of pros and cons. The lightweight characters have great control and acceleration, but are easily knocked around and have low high speeds. The heavy characters however have poor control and acceleration, but can't be knocked around and have very high speeds. The new tracks are also very well designed, ranging from scorching hot deserts to freezing snowfields. They also have plenty of ramps, traps and shortcuts, to either help or hinder your progress. As always with the Mario Kart series there are plenty of fun items to wreak havoc with such as Banana Peels, Red Shells, and everyone's favorite, the Lightning Bolt. And as usual there are three difficulties to challenge everyone, even newcomers to the series.

There are also four gameplay modes all of which are very fun. Mario GP pits you against 7 other racers, all trying for the gold trophy. You compete in a series of four races earning points after each race depending on what place you finished. The player with the most points after all 4 races is the champion. This mode can also be played with a friend (or enemy), who has a GBA and the Mario Kart: Super Circut game pak. My favorite mode to play is Time Trial mode. You race alone on a track (with three mushrooms for speed boosts) trying to beat your best times and lap records over and over. This mode alone kept me occupied for the better part of a month. Vs. Mode is also a very cool option. Up to 4 people can link up and battle it out on your favorite tracks for hours on end. If all four people have game paks you can play any track, but without them you are limited to four. Battle Mode must be played with multiple game paks, and is the least fun of the four modes. You have 3 balloons attached to your kart which your opponents must pop using various items. Last person standing wins. The downfall of this mode is that there are only four tracks to battle on which greatly limits the variety of the mode.

The graphics in this game are exellent for the GBA. Much better than the Super Nintendo version, but not as good as the N64 version. They are however very good for the GBA. The tracks are very well detailed with animated backgrounds which looks very nice. The items are also very well animated, such as the spinning of the shells, or the launching of Banana Peels. They aren't the smoothest graphics ever created, but are very well done on the GBA.

The music in this game is good, not great. Many of the themes from the new tracks are not very well done or do not match the mood of the track. The music from the classic tracks however are still very good and fun to listen to. The sounds in this game are nicely done, whether it be jumping are ramp, or the squealing of tires going through a turn, the sounds are great.

Overall this is a fantastic game that I would recommend to anyone, as it's fun to play and extremely easy to learn. It has great graphics, four fun game modes, and plenty of tracks. If you buy this game you will not be disappointed.

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 7/10
Control: 10/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Adam's Rating: 9.5/10

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