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3SL:  Some Skill, Some Luck

* 11/29/09 *
Looks like after a few years of not being around 3SL truly hasn't died afterall. We've moved to Left 4 Dead and recently Left 4 Dead 2, we may even get back into mapping again with some friends. *shrugs* We'll see...

* 03/08/07 *
Site is still here. Don't know if I'll bother with anything at this point, but since the site still exists I may toy with it as time permits.

* 10/30/03 *
*RIP* It would seem this is the offical end to the unoffical clan 3SL. The site will remain up and be changed at a later date. Maps and all other content will remain here for the time being and perhaps when the change is done it will still be here.

* 3/27/03 *
Finished another new custom map, you can download it here Click to Download forest_war.zip (1.12Mb)

* 3/14/03 *
Been playing on a CS server hosted by a clan called VET's. Excellent bunch of people there. A more mature place to hang out and enjoy some CS without too many worries of haxors/cheaters.

* 1/23/03 *
Ok, so it would seem that I lied... The format of the site will remain untouched for now.

* Old News *
Any and all old news was removed, no archive to sift through...(not that it was needed)...

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