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Wind Poof Bridge

Wind Poof Bridge

A Unique Bridgecloth to be Used Indoors or Outdoors

Wind Poof Bridge is a bridge cloth designed for bridge players who would like to play bridge in their backyard, by the pool, at a lake, on a beach, on a cruise, or in bed. It is used at any place where the cards could easily blow or fall off of a surface that is not level.

The cloth has pockets for the dummy to display the cards, a pocket to hold the trick, and pockets for the declarer and defenders to hold their tricks. For duplicate bridge, the cards can be held in either a horizontal or vertical position.

There's the King! The cloth is made of vinyl with vinyl pockets. It is held down by lead weights on all four corners. The cloth is waterproof and sturdy. You can travel with the cloth and play bridge on any moving surface.

The Wind Poof Bridge cloth is also ideal for individuals who are visually impaired. They will be able to touch the card that has braile on it. The card stays in place when it is touched.

If a friend is ill and needs bed rest,others could play bridge with the cloth placed on the bed. The cards will stay in place.

Wind Poof Bridge in Action Wind Poof Bridge is a unique cloth. When in use, it will give bridge players throughout the world much enjoyment. You may contact us for further information at wind poof

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