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Welcome to the temporary homepage for the DAoC Guild Aesir! This is just a stopgap until our real website gets built.


Aesir is located on the Palomides server in the Midgard realm. We are a small guild started by friends that is looking to grow. We are looking for new members in all classes/races and of all levels. The only real requirement of membership is that you are a good person, fun to be with, and are looking for a group of people to play with and enjoy the game.


If you are looking for a guild, please feel free to visit our message board and drop us a note. We mostly play west coast times though a few members are east coast.


Guild Leader

Whispre aka Whispen











Whispre Weaponcrafting 425+ skill



Stormwalker Armorcrafting 400+ skill



Amstel Fletching 400+ skill