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Friday, May 28, 2004

JROTC CHAIN of Command 2004 - 2005

Battalion Commander Daniel
Major Annie
CSM Joyce

S-1 James
S-2 Michelle
S-2 Victoria
S-3 Greg
S-4 Jennye
S-5 Lauren
Alpha Mindy
Bravo Soinia
Charlie Linda
Delta Sherwin
Congratulation to all of you guys.

I went to the military ball today. It wasn’t that bad. The food was tasteless. During the events, I heard some rumors about the election. I do not know how they find out, but this is what I heard.

School Election
S.O. Pres - Boris
S.O. Vice Pres - Choyi
S.O. Secretary -
S.O. Treasurer - Andrea

Senior P - me
Senior VP - James (again)
Senior Secretary -
Senior Treasurer -

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