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Online Games Without Battle.net                        

If you came here to play online without using battle.net, you came to right place. All you need to do is download mIRC, which is a chat program. You don't need the actual host program called hBmWc3LaN but if you want to download it, it's available in the downloads section. If you wish to host warcraft 3 games please visit the host games section.

The hBmWc3LaN program is basically a network packet forwarder which allows Warcraft III LAN games over the Internet. This program forwards all WarCraft III LAN traffic to the remote internet hosts you list in the Client IP box's, Allowing WarCraft III to operate over internet. This Hack differs from many of the others, simply because this is the only hack availible to allow more than 4 players, and it can be run as a server on another machine, it does not have to be run on the same machine as the WarCraft III Server! For updates of the host program please vist, http://Haydennz.d2g.com.

Note: If players are behind a router they must map 6112/UDP to the machine running WarCraft3, and/or disable any firewalls..or allow 6112 UDP Inward.

Note: If you are running windows XP you the firewall would be on unless you have turned it off manually. To turn off the firewall follow step 1.

Note: step 1 is only for windows XP users which have the firewall on.

Step 1: Click start, click connect to, then click show all connections, then right click on your internet connection & click properties, then click the advanced tab. Now click on the box at the top with a little tick on it. The tick should disappear, which confirms that the firewall has been turned off.

Step 2: Install mIRC on your computer. mIRC is a chat program. Click here to download mIRC

Step 3: After installation you will need to setup mIRC to the correct channel so that you can chat with people who want to play warcraft 3 through the host program. To setup the correct channel click add. Then fill out the form so that it looks like the one on the right. Then push ok.

Step 4: Now click add. Then in channel type "#hbmwc3lan" no speechmarks & in networks change to All networks.

Step 4: Now you must make sure that firewalls are turned off. If you are using shared internet make sure you are on the computer which is connected directly to the internet. Then if you don't know your IP address, mIRC should have shown you your IP Address by saying Connection Local host: wdcax8-125.dialup.optusnet.com.au ( or something similar to that. In this case the IP address is Now ask someone in the chatroom if they are hosting warcraft 3 games then give them your IP address.

Step 5: After they say that they have added you to the list or game etc. Open up warcraft 3 then click local area network. Then click on any of the games their.

Disclaimer: I give lots of credit to http://www.bnetguide.tk/. This guide is intended as a guide only, I hold no responsibility with what people do with the files from this site. I do not endorse in any way, any of these files. I am in no way affiliated with Blizzard or Battle.net or any authors of these files