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FG %:

FT %:

3 Pt %:
Hamilton 20.3
Wallace 14.5
Billups 3.5
Wallace 1.4
Wallace 2.9
Rebracca 55.6
Billups 84.5
Barry 41.4

...Not that anybody cares. Everybody knows Mike Curry is the real leader.

Chat wrap: Fred Carter
On Wednesday, April 2, ESPN NBA Analyst Fred Carter dropped by to take your questions in chat. Carter writes NBA columns for ESPN, and visits ESPN Radio as well. Before joining ESPN, he watched a few basketball games, and determined he knew a few things about the game. Unfortunately, he knows less than your average 10 year old in a basketball sense. Mostly, he jumps on bandwagons and throws in various original comments of his own. Thay way, it seems like he knows basketball a little.

The following is a transcript of the April 2 chat:

Fred Carter: Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming today. Lots to talk about: playoff races, lottery races, ncaa tournament . . . you name it. Let's roll. . .

Tayshaun (Detroit): I've been riding the pine and playing well all year, what gives?

Fred Carter: Well, you are sitting behind the vocalizer. What do you expect? He's got plenty of heart. He's a hybrid between Jordan and Ben Wallace. I think he has the intelligence and competitive drive that made those two great. He isn't quite the athlete that Jordan was. And he's not quite the blocker Wallace is. There are no direct comparisons. But I'm pretty sure he's the best starting SF ever in Detroit.

Cliff (Detroit): How come veterans like me work hard to stay in the league and earn their pay, and others simply become the head of the NBPA to keep their job? Not mentioning any names, just curious what your thoughts on that are.

Fred Carter: Well, I'm not sure who you are talking about without mentioning names. I suspect that player brings several other qualities to the game like his vocalizing abilities and confusing hand movements that mezmorize opponents.

Jermaine O. (Indiana): I think Detroit sucks, and will make it no where in the playoffs, what do you think? Teams like the Pacers are just saving it for the playoffs, so they can crush them there.

Fred Carter: You are right. Detroit is terrible. Teams have been letting them win all year, so they don't have the pressure of the first place team, like the Pistons will. MJ and the wizz will beat them down in the first round. Don't expect to get a chance at them Jermaine.

Joe D (MI): The Pistons have the Memphis pick, their pick, and the Bucks pick (to deal) this offseason, what holes do you think they should fill?

Chad Ford: I would reccomend surrounding the vocalizer with better talent, period. Next question.

Antione (Boston): You are right about the vocalizer Fred. His hand movements are the only thing that my waggle fears. I'd trade my buddy Paul for him in a heartbeat so I wouldn't have to play against him.

Fred Carter: I here you brother. Word.

Mike Curry (MI): Thanks for sticking up for my Fred. Guy like us, that have numerous physical or mental hurdles to overcome, have to stick together. That's why I can appreciate Antione's struggle with the donuts. Screw my teammates and their comments. I'm tired of picking up the slack for them anyway.

Fred Carter: Alright guys, I gotta go. My wife is whispering basketball knowledge into me ear, and once again I am totally lost. I'll see you guys next time. Good questions. Word.




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