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Below is the rules for superliga


The following contains information relating to the general running of a team, including finances and transfers.

Whilst what has been written with regard to these rules is very lengthy, please note that these rules have had to be refined over and over again to attempt to close loopholes within them. It is not a requirement that a new manager knows all of these rules immediately, and attempts are made when a new manager begins to educate them as best possible in these rules.

1.0 The League
The League was established in the year 2000 and was named SuperLiga, The league is run by commissioner Garret Joseph O'Mahony (AKA "Don G" or the "Board"). Each division in SuperLiga is simulated by a different person. The commissioner sim's all cups and the premiership. Lukas Kotecki sim's Division One. While James Eklund sim's Division two.

1.1. League Structure
The League consists of 32 teams in 3 divisions (12 in each Div). Each team has at least one ACTIVE manager to operate it. No person can manage 2 teams except in extreme circumstances where the Board's approval has been given, and the entire league notified (note this situation often only occurs when a manager is acting as caretaker for another manager for a short period of time).

1.2. Fines
The Board has the right to fine teams when they believe a team has acted outside of the rules directly or indirectly, or outside the spirit of the game by using inappropriate conduct.

1.3. Appeals & Protests
If a manager believes the Board has treated them unfairly, they may appeal any decisions made. The appeal is made to the Board itself. If the Board does not accept the appeal, the rest of the league shall be asked to form an opinion. Note, if the appeal ends up unsuccessful, there remains a possibility heavier penalty may be incurred.
Furthermore, if a manager believes another manager has acted inappropriately then they must appeal to the Board. The Board will only act when it receives a complaint or appeal from another manager.

2. Competitions

2.1. League Competition
The League is divided to 3 divisions, each contains 12 teams. During the season, each team play the teams within their division twice (home and away).

2.1.1 Promotion/Relegation
At the end of the season, the top two teams in each Division will get promoted, and the bottom three relegated where relegation and promotion is possible. The 3rd - 6th place teams in Division One and Two will go into a playoff. The 3rd place team will play host to the 6th place team. The 4th place finishers play host to the 5th place team. The winners meet in the "Playoff promotion final" where the winner gets to be promoted to the next division.

2.2. Cup Competitions

2.2.2 Canal + Cup
The Canal + Cup, is a straight knockout competition with most rounds consisting of one leg. Teams shall be randomly drawn each round by the Board. Any game resulting in a draw in a single leg game shall be decided on a Penalty shootout. A draw on aggregate in a two leg game is decided by an away goals rule. If this is still a draw then it will result from a penalty shootout. A Penalty Shootout follows normal rules.

2.2.2 EuroLiga Cup
The EuroLiga Cup is held during each season, its the most recognizable and prestigious cup in the league. All 32 teams are put into groups and eventually the cup turns into a knock out phase and so on. The EuroLiga starts with 8 groups of four teams. The top TWO teams in each group advance to Group Phase TWO. 16 teams are put into 4 groups with the top TWO teams once again advancing thus this time into a two legged Quater final match up. The winners of each leg move onto the Semifinals then The EuroLiga Final.

2.2.2 World Club Cup
World Club Cup will be played at the beginning of every OTHER season and involves the winner of the Canal Cup, EuroLiga Cup, The WCC Champions, and the league champion playing against other teams from OUTSIDE SuperLiga.

2.2.2 Gold Cup
The gold cup is certainly the most interesting of the cups in SuperLiga. Entry is limited to just the Premier league champions, the Canal+ champions, the EuroLiga champions, the best finishing club of the home nation and one club from each country who failed to get a rep. from the above options.

2.3. Friendlies and Friendly Cup's
Teams can only play friendlies after the regular league season. If you wish to play a friendly, organize it with another manager and advise the Board at least one week in advance. The statistics from friendlies doesn't count for league games. Players which are suspended in a league or cup game, still can play in friendlies. The German-Dutch Cup, British Cup and the Mediterranean Cup's are all friendly cups played in the off-season. These cups were formed for just before the season would start, Sort of a preseason.

2.4. Other Competitions
At certain times the Board may introduce other competitions. This includes International games such as the World Cup, All-star games and so forth.

3. Team Newsletters
Managers MUST write their own team Newsletters and/or Press Releases to add more fun to the league. Managers write their team newsletters and press releases and send them to the SuperLiga web board. These can contain almost anything like an interview with players and managers, transfer listing of players, and player transfers, any match analysis and just about anything happening at their club.

4. End-Of-Season Awards
4.1 At the end of each season, the League has various awards it gives out to players, managers and teams. Some of these awards are based on voting by other managers. These include the Player-of-the-Year (each Div and overall), the Youth-Player-of-the-Year(players under 20, each Div and overall), and the Manager-of-the-Year(each Div and overall). None of these awards carry any financial bonuses, and are only for prestige.

4.2 The player who scores the most goals in their Division and also overall receive the Golden Boot Award.

4.3 The goalkeeper who has the best highest rating per game (minimum 15 games) in each Division and also overall receives the Golden Glove Award.

4.4 The player who makes the most assists in their Division and also overall receives the Golden Ball Award.


1.0 Finances
The finances of each team is the responsibility of that teams manager/owner.

2.0 Official Currency
As decided by the majority of managers, the official league currency is known as Euro's and is represented by the # key.

3.0 Bank Balance
The team's bank balance will be updated and released via the mail, but it is for your good to make your own calculations to check your money moves.

3.1. Debt
If your bank balance reaches below zero, you will have 3 weeks to recover this money. If after 3 weeks you have still not recovered, the Board will Auction one of your players to the league. The player auctioned shall be chosen by the Board.

Note: Make sure you are out of debt, BEFORE the Transfer Deadline passes.

4.0 Income
Teams' income will be primarily from their gate receipts, sponsor contracts, winning Cups & division's and selling players.

5.0 Expenses
Teams' expenses will be primarily on buying players, paying player contracts, 50,000 Away Gate Fee for every AWAY game and possibly any fines.

5.1 ALL player's on a team MUST be paid IN halfs. When Round 1 starts of each division, Every player on every team should have there yearly contracts cut in half and the first half paid. The second half will be paid on the last day of the league round. A roster freeze will be made for Round one to take away each teams amount.

Example: David Beckham Contracted at 4 Years At 3,000,000 per season. This season Beckham BEFORE Round one must have 1,500,000 or 50% of his contract paid in full. Beckham would receive the other 50% by whichever TEAM he is on (incase he gets traded) at the end of the league season.

5.2 Player contract negotiations go though the commissioner Any player without a contract (Free Agents just signed) MUST get a contract or HE WONT PLAY. Send in your contact offers to the commissioner and if he accepts the contract it is your duty to post it on the webboard under ROSTERS. If the commissioner rejects your contract offer, simply give in a higher salary, higher years, lower years,ect.

5.3 If a player is traded after receiving his first half contract, you must get the players contract information from the owner you are trading with.

One way a club makes some money is through sponsorship. The sponsor will offer a club the option of 3 contracts varying from 1-3 seasons. The amount of money offered will be paid up front to the club, and no further payments are made during the life of the contract. The amount of money offered varies between teams, and is at the Board's discretion, however approximate values are:
1 Year Contract: 5 million euros
2 Year Contract: 8 million euros
3 Year Contract: 12 million euros

The league has a Television contract with ESPN, BBC, SKY SPORTS, PREMIERSHIP PLUS PPV and ITV. The league has already divided out the shares for the second season in SuperLiga. Each team has already received there share in the Television Sponsor deal.

9.0 End-of-Season Financial Benefit
At the end of each season, each club is given an amount of money, determined by the Board based on where they finished in the league. The higher a team finishes, the more money they receive.

Failure to meet any of the following requirements will result in the deal being voided, and could result in a club being fined.

A list of transfers will be published each day by the transfer co-ordinator.

Teams can transfer players between each other in order to improve themselves as best possible. A transfer can be swapping players, or straight cash purchases of players or a mixture of both.

1.0.1 Only TWO - FOUR teams can be involved in a transfer. Multiple team deals involving 5 or more teams are not allowed.

1.1 Confirming a Transfer
When a deal is agreed, it must be confirmed by BOTH managers by emailing the Transfer Office (JohnBailly@Hotmail.Com). The email must have a subject consisting of the word Transfer and the name of the two clubs involved and NOTHING ELSE.

Once a transfer has been confirmed by both managers, it cannot be canceled (except by the Board).

You must include your name and team name in any correspondence.

1.2 New Managers
New managers must go through a 48 hour waiting period (after their appointment as manager is announced to the league) before making any transfers.

Any new manager is encouraged to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks before making any transfer deals. This allows them to see a list of other deals for that week and try to judge for themselves players market value. However, help is also always available for new managers if they are unsure, and it would be encouraged for them to look at this option as once a deal is confirmed, it is unlikely the Board will reverse the transfer (although they do reserve the right to).

1.3 Transfer Deadlines
After the 19th round league fixture of each season, no more transfer activity will be allowed. The transfer market will be closed until the final competition has been played for the season. After that date, a new transfer season begins.

1.4 General Rules
1.4.1. All negotiations take place between the managers.

1.4.2. You must wait until a player joins your team before transferring him. This includes players returning from a loan.

1.4.3. All exchanges of cash and players must occur at the point of the deal being processed and cannot be done in installments, or based on future events.

1.4 Appealing Against Transfers
If a manager believes a transfer between two teams is unfair or disadvantages one team by too much, they can appeal against it to the Board. When an appeal is made, there must be sufficient argument provided why the deal should be withdrawn. Furthermore, a minimum of 2 managers, not involved in the deal, MUST submit a separate appeal.

1.6 Canceling Transfers
When a transfer has been confirmed by both managers, it CANNOT be canceled by either manager. Only the Board has the power to cancel any deals.

Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in the transfer being voided, and could result in a club being fined.

Teams can loan players to other teams and bring players in on loans. This gives the opportunities to get players playing games rather than sitting on the bench all the time, and also is an opportunity to get some good players at little or no cost.

2.1 Teams will only be allowed to be involved in 5 loan deals per season. Regardless of if you are loaning a player to another club, or if you are bringing a player to your team.

2.2 You cannot be involved in a loan deal with a team from the same division.

2.3 Loans must be negotiated by the managers, and both managers must email the details of the loan to the Transfer Office for it to be confirmed. The subject of the email must consist of the words "Player Loan" and the name of the two clubs involved and NOTHING ELSE.

2.4 If you make a loan or if a loan is a part of a transfer deal, the email you send must have a subject consisting of the words Player Transfer/Loan and the name of the two clubs involved and NOTHING ELSE.

2.6 Clubs can negotiate for either team to pay an amount of money for a player loan. The team accepting the players on loan will be responsible for paying their wages.

3.0 Free Transfers/Retirements

3.1 Free Transferring a Player from your Squad. You can Free Transfer a player from your squad at no cost. The player will go onto the Free agent pool. To Free Transfer a player, you must send an email to the Transfer Office. In the subject line of the email you must write the words "Free Transfer Release" and the name of YOUR club and NOTHING ELSE.

3.2 Signing Free Agents
To sign a Free Transfer player, you must send an email to the Transfer Office (JohnBailly@Hotmail.Com). In the subject line of the email you must write the words "Free Transfer Signing" and the name of YOUR club and NOTHING ELSE.

The Bid request will be POSTED on the WEBBOARD under PLAYER TRANSFERS. Any team that wishes to COUNTER a BID has 24 HOURS TO DO SO or THE PLAYER SIGNS WITH THE HIGHEST BID TEAM. When a bidding war breaks out and reaches the 7th DAY. All final bids will be sent to the Transfer Office. Once all bids are in. It will be announced the next day as to who won the players service.

If you fail to follow these instruction, for example you send the bid to the incorrect address, or write the wrong subject, your bid won't be counted!

Please, understand that these bids, among with the transfers are enormous work for the transfer coordinator, and following the rules is very important!

Questions / Problems:
If you are having any questions regarding these rules send them to The Commissioner(GarretJoseph@Hotmail.Com)

4.0 Roster's & UNDER 21 Rule's Each team is permitted to have 25 ACTIVE player's on there team ranging from OVER 17 TO the oldest living professional player in the world today. Each player is given a yearly salary paid twice a year. Each team has an UNDER 21 team. Nobody has stepped forward to sim Under 21 games yet, so thus I've decided to keep the UNDER 21 team rather small. EACH TEAM MAY NOT HAVE MORE THAN 8 UNDER 21 PLAYERS. UNDER 21 RULES

The cut off YEAR for player to become eligible for Under 21 is 1979 FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR. That would allow players the age of 22 allowed to be included on the Under 21 team. These rules are also in Fifa and have been accepted into SuperLiga.
When a player hits 23, he must be given a new contract (all Under 21 team players EARN 250,000 Euros automatically). If a team has 25 ACTIVE players already on its roster, Owners have 1 MONTH to make room for the new player before HE TURNS 23 or will lose him to FREE AGENCY.

SuperLiga - 2001

By clicking below you are confirming that you aggree and will play by the above rules. Failing to do so will result in your eviction from the league.